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CNC4 - PC PowerPlay Overview

By ScOtSmAn - 4th August 2009 - 19:42 PM

A recent feature on the upcoming Command & conquer 4 in the Australian magazine PC Powerplay shed some light on how it will differ from the previous games in the series. The feature had exclusive information and exclusive screens and artwork and today we are going examine the information!

Letís start with what PC Powerplay had to say about the campaign and storyline of Command & conquer 4. Its set after the third Tiberium war and humanity has defeated the invaders, but the world is on the brink of becoming inhabitable as the green crystal know as Tiberium continues to spread across the globe and all the areas reclaimed by the GDI are once again feeling the effects of Tiberium.

Then, who should appear? None other than Kane off course and he heads straight to the GDI headquarters armed only with the Tacitus and a proposal that will save humanity. NOD and GDI put their differences behind them for the good of the world and Kane puts his plan into action building a Tiberium control network. The planet is saved! Kanes plan works and there is 15 years of peace and humanity views it as a golden age, the cites are rebuilt, cheap cars and low taxes, life is good.

But can Kane be trusted? The GDI/NOD Alliance has been a tough one to hold together and since it was formed there has been considerable strain and tension. Then it as more and more cracks start to appear it collapses as both sides start to suspect the other of having ulterior motives. The planet is plunged into another war, NOD and GDI face off, possibly for the final time and Kane will attempt to complete his century long plan.

And that's just the prologue..We can expect to see so many more twists and turns in which is surely going to be an exciting end to the Kane storyline.

Now the magazine had a chance to speak with Samuel Bass about more than just the storyline, in fact it had many exclusive details about the features and game play of Command and Conquer 4.

First up, probably the biggest change to the game, wait for it.. There are no bases. That is right EA has decided to drop the whole base building aspect of the series with this title and it has already received a lot of angry complaints from the command and conquer community. But perhaps it is something that can improve the game play and will be a risk that was worth taking!

Another thing that emerged is EA are really trying to design this game to be played online and by everyone. They want to simplify the game so that newer players can easily get into it and with the promise of player progressions and experience etc they hope to make it so players will be matched up with opponents at a similar level.

Gamespy has been dropped for command and conquer 4 and will be replaced with a dedicated EA server.

Other online features will be, for the first time in a command & conquer game, the ability to play in epic 5v5 games! That's right 10 player games. It is actually what EA want to focus on and say that there will be endless strategies and combination using the different classes. A simple example of this would be say one defense class player and four offensive, this dose add an interesting element to the game and there are sure to be some fun and effective combination's.

Another big announcement was that there will be a population cap for command and conquer 4, again this first in a C&C game and was met by a negative response by the community. The positives of a population cap will be that players will have to think about what units they buy and are using! This means no more spamming of one unit to overwhelm your opponent and might make C&C4 that bit more entertaining.

The crawler will re spawn! Yes we will never have to worry about simply dying, the game is objective based and your crawler will re spawn during the game if itís killed. You will also be able to re spawn as a different class.

Unit upgrades are also set to make a return but there is not much information on it yet. To speculate I would say think command and conquer Generals. Flash bangs, Armor, black napalm etc but expect it to be on a different scale with each unit having various different upgrades.

That's pretty much all we can take from the feature, except from one last thing and It is a big blow to the Scrin fans and players as the Scrin will not be making a return as a playable faction. They will not feature much in the game and there is talk of the forgotten having a bigger role to play.

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