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Custom Map Contest Catch Up - Part 2

By Incia - 16th April 2012 - 15:45 PM

This contest is about making the most enjoyable Custom Map for Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. It can be a basic Skirmish Map and it can be a Campaign Mission or why not a scripted special map introducing a new gameplay element.

For contest Rules and Info, please read this: Original Custom Map Contest Portal Post

How to install Custom Maps:
  • 1: Extract the Map Folder to your map directory.
  • 2: For vista/7, this will be C:\users\\appdata\roaming\command and conquer 4\maps
  • 3: Play!
The Custom Map have to be submitted between 1st of March-1st of June!

Catch Up - Part 2:

Current Custom Maps we have received in are:

Map 1
By: Davopotamus
Download: Capture the Flag

Map Type:
Timed Capture the Flag Gameplay

The Goal:
You must capture more flags than your enemies.
Higher Tiers are issued every 5 minutes.
You have 15 minutes!

Incia and Noodlesocks playing on this Custom Map

Map 2
By: Jackofspades0
Download: Death Canyon Tower Defence Map

Map Type:
Singleplayer Tower Defence Map

The Goal:
The goal of the map is to prevent Nod units from passing all the way through the canyon by building turrets with your defense crawler. Tiberium needs to be collected to reach higher tiers and you need to build outposts with your dozers to expand your buildable area. As you progress through the waves the build time will decrease and power points will increase.

Incia playing through this fun Custom Map

Map 3
By: Noodlesocks
Download: Depth Perception

Map Type:
5vs5 Skirmish Map

The Goal:
5v5 Skirmish/multiplayer map set at an underground coastal city. Fight on the beaches, on the streets and in the air for control of the city.

Map Overview

Known Issues:
"There is a slight graphical problem with underground objects disappearing when at the edge of the screen.
Also, burrowing units can burrow and travel through the glass areas.
I left this in for the sake of gameplay." - Noodlesocks

Quick reminder:

Everyone are free to download these maps and also give feedback on bugs/improvements, doesn't just have to be the staff. The contest is open to everyone, everyone can provide a map or test a map. Download Worldbuilder and create an epic Custom Map and win a free EA game.

All finalized Custom Maps will be uploaded in the Submission Thread.

The Custom Map have to be submitted between 1st of March-1st of June!

Happy modding!