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Tip of the Week # 39 - Basilisk's Stasis Field

By Incia - 27th April 2012 - 21:52 PM

Stasis Fields have been famous in old and recent strategy games, and C&C 4 has it's own fair share of them too. Before, we have discussed about the GDI Crystal Shield, so this time around we will discuss everything about it's Nod counterpart. The Basilisks have mastered the power of the dark side, and are able to cast the powerful Stasis Field. You can identify the Stasis Field by the big great red ring on the ground.

It came from Scrin

Stasis Fields were already in C&C 3, and Scrin originally controlled them. Now in C&C 4 both GDI and Nod have the technology to do so. GDI uses it within the Crystal Shield Defense while Nod has it in big aircraft called Basilisks. They do however act slightly differently. GDI's lasts longer and freezes everyone who touches it, whilst Nods Stasis Field only freezes the specific units inside the field, meaning other units can travel over it. Scrins Stasis Field is still the most powerful, it lasted almost triple the duration of the Basilisks field and covered a larger area. Even better, it was also a Support Power which means it could be casted globally; anywhere on the battlefield instantly.

Basic Unit Stats


Sound: Basilisk Quotes!
"Initiating Stasis Field!"
"Basilisk condition green!"

Laser: Strong vs. Heavy
Heavy: Weak vs. Laser

Requirements: 15 sec, 10 CP, Tier 3
Hitpoints: 1000

Basic Stasis Field Information

Stasis Field: Targeted units are made invulnerable but unable to move or fire.

Duration: 10 seconds
Type of Ability: Casted

Note: A Basilisk can't Stasis Field itself, which means it can't freeze itself and safely Decommission.

Basilisk Stasis Field Offensive uses:

  • Freeze GDI Spanners/Engineers
  • Freeze GDI Paladins
  • Freeze GDI Zone Raiders
  • Freeze GDI Mean Focus Beams
  • Freeze GDI Crystal Shield

Engineers being frozen and are unable to heal damaged friendly units

Paladins being very still and not dangerous at all

Zone Raiders trying to hunt down fleeing Basilisks, but they get frozen

Crystal Shield getting frozen before it can freeze anything itself

There's lots of strategical value with this ability as shown in this tip/guide, but be cautious not do cast the ability in wrong situations. One bad placed Stasis Field can usually turn the tide of the battle. If you get overpowered by enemy forces then one offensive use is to split the enemy forces, for instance if you face ten Orcas, freeze five of them and during the duration of the Stasis Field kill the five remaining Orcas, then finish off the five last Orcas when the Stasis Field depletes.

You can also shut down Tech Buildings with the Stasis Field, for example you can freeze a Nod favored Node to remain as Nod favored for additional ten seconds. You can also freeze AA-tech Turrets, Artillery Turrets or even Mutant Hovels.

Hint: If you are good with timing then you can try to shoot a Nuke right after a Stasis Field wears off to kill captured GDI units.

Basilisk Stasis Field Defensive uses:

  • Freeze own Crawler for Decommission
  • Freeze own units for easy Decommission
  • Freeze GDI Ion Cannon blast (will still get EMP'd if remaining close to the blast)

An Ion Cannon Strike trying to finish off a wounded Nod Crawler, but Basilisk's Stasis Field saves it

Ion Cannon Strike blowing absolutely nothing, but still beautiful

Probably one of the most abused tactic with any Stasis Field in C&C 4 is to freeze your own heavily damaged Crawler and then safely decommission it, both Stasis Fields have a long enough duration to make all Decommissions successful. However, you do lose your Crawler even with a successful Decommission but your opponent won't acquire 50 Victory Points. Furthermore, a Decommissioned Crawler does 400 Blast Area Damage, you can time this accordingly if near an enemy Crystal Shield or enemy units and heavily damage it/them.

Neat Tricks

  • Freeze enemy Support Powers such as Firehawk Strike or Recon Drone
  • Freeze Ion Storm detonation
  • Freeze enemy Crawlers while taking control of an Uplink Tower
  • Freeze enemy unit abilities, for instance Hammerheads Berzerk Engines

Firehawk Strike, a 50 Support Point Support Power, becoming utterly useless

This dangerous Ion Storm out of control got tamed by the Basilisk and it's now harming no-one

One Stasis Field freezing down two GDI Crawlers, unable to build more ground units for ground-control

If you have control of the Uplink Tower and enemy forces gangs up and tries to capture it, you can try and Stasis Field the enemy forces and then time a Crawler Drop after the Stasis Field wears off. Keep in mind that you have to have decommissioned or lost your Crawler before this stunt.

Stasis Field is also good at freezing GDI Support Powers, because it lasts for ten seconds, GDI Support Powers such as Mirror Coat also lasts for ten seconds. Ten seconds is also enough of time for a fleet of Basilisks to fly away from other dangerous Support Powers as the Firehawk Strike and Overkill. Displacement Field however lasts for whooping 30 seconds so watch out for it.

Hopefully this tip inspired you to use the Stasis Field more strategically and gave you new ideas and tactics to test out.

~ Special thanks to DJ_Chill for helping with editing