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Tip of the Week # 41 - C&C 4 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs)

By Incia - 19th August 2012 - 18:23 PM

Welcome back commander!

Let's have a look at the multiple difference between the Main Battle Tanks (MBT's) in C&C 4. They all seem to have the same purposes and stats, but they are in fact very different units. Only real similarity these units share are that they shoot shells and they are mostly weak to shells too (countering themselves), and that they are Tier 1 and thus are affected by the same Tier 1 Upgrades. Here I will try to explain the differences and the similarities of these units.
For starters, the main difference is that all 3 MBTs are for the three different classes:
Offense, Defense and Support.

The similarities are that they all are affected by the same three basic Upgrades:
Range Boost, Accuracy Boost and Speed Boost.


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Hunter, Spartan Tank, Sheppard


IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
Avenger, Centurion, Cobra

Basic Stats



12 sec, 6 CP, Tier 1, 900 HP, Medium Tank, Strong vs. Medium Vehicles.

Spartan Tank

12 sec, 6 CP, Tier 1, 600 HP, Medium Tank, Strong vs. Medium Vehicles.


12 sec, 6 CP, Tier 1, 660 HP, Medium Tank, Strong vs. Medium Vehicles.



12 sec, 6 CP, Tier 1, 950 HP, Medium Tank, Strong vs. Medium Vehicles.


12 sec, 6 CP, Tier 1, 600 HP, Medium Tank, Strong vs. Medium Vehicles.


12 sec, 6 CP, Tier 1, 550 HP, Medium Aircraft, Strong vs. Medium Vehicles.

Note: Another main difference is the Hit-Points (HP), all MBT have different values. Another difference for Nod is the Cobra, it's the only flying MBT in the game.


Sound: Hunter Quotes!

Sound: Avenger Quotes!

Sound: Centurion Quotes!

Man To Man Comparison

There were a lot of talking back in the days about which MBT would win a man to man fight, so TPPK and Carlisragin made quick Tip of the Weeks about the most common MBT showdowns.

TPPK made a Tip about the Hunter and Avenger, make sure to read about these Offensive units here: Hunter Vs. Avenger

IPB Image
Avengers Versus Hunters

Carlisragin made a similar Tip but about Spartan and Centurion, the Defensive Battle Tanks: Spartan Vs. Centurion

There have not been any comparison Tips for Sheppard Tank and Cobra because Cobra is a flying unit and would win 100 % of the fights. Those units should never be fighting man to man.

IPB Image
Titans can at least defend themselves from air units but they still lose a fight versus Cobras

Passive Abilities

Hunter Combat Acclimation (gains veterancy faster, passive)

Spartan Tank Drop Cannon (on death)

Sheppard Increases chance to dodge of nearby allies

Avenger Drop Mines (on death)

Centurion Reflective Shield (when still)

Passive abilities and Features are probably the biggest difference with the Main Battle Tanks, all of them show different kinds of strategical uses. Keeping Hunters alive for example instead of replacing them will grant you the advantage of Heroic Hunters. Spartan Tanks are good for Defensive purposes, the remaining Cannons will stay and defend for the last punch (The Cannon has 200 HP and are Weak versus Laser). You can also Sell (Hotkey-C) the Turrets for free Green Crates to boost your remaining army.

IPB Image
Spartan Cannon and Spartan Tank fighting for their last breath

Lastly from the GDI arsenal we have the Sheppard Tanks, they have mobility and a dodge aura, it doesn't only give the unit itself a bonus but everyone around it. Keep at least one Sheppard Tank alive in the middle of your army to give everyone the needed Dodge boost, keep in mind that the aura do not stack so it's pointless to have multiple auras over each other.

Avenger Tanks will give a last boom with their Mines they left after they die, and lastly the Centurion will reflect all shells and bullets back to enemies when Holding a Stance, also good for Defense.

Watch out for the enemy army, see what units and strategies they use and counter with the correct Main Battle Tank, keep in mind that sometimes you'll have to switch your Crawler to be able to build the correct counter.


Hunter Blue Tiberium Core: Increased damage.

Avenger Blue Tiberium Core: Increased damage, additional mines.

Cobra Cloak Module

Offensive Main Battle Tanks have the most HP of all the Main Battle Tanks and are also affected by the Blue Tiberium Cores, always try to upgrade them with the Blue Core for maximum firepower. Avenger will also summon more Mines when killed if they are upgraded. Cobra can't upgrade itself with Tiberium Cores or capture Tech Buildings because it's a flying unit, however it has a special Upgrade Cloak Module which will make the unit into a stealth unit, while also increasing it's dodge bonus. Dodge Bonus is an indirect HP boost too if you look at it from a different point of view.

IPB Image
I'm a Cobra


All Classes have their own special MBT, Offensive MBT have most HP and can be upgraded with Blue Tiberium Cores.
Defensive MBT are good at Holding Stances, defending Nodes and other important areas.
Support MBT have the most speed and maneuverability, keep them running!

Special thanks to: DJ_Chill, Carlisragin and TPPK