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Player of the Month and Expert Player: Lexxx

By zebrastripes - 19th April 2011 - 02:17 AM

Lexxx has been recognized by GameReplays as an expert player and Player of the Month in CNC 4! An expert player in GameReplays is someone who has showed that they are one of the best players through successful tournaments, competitive events, and general gameplay.

Lex has won two consecutive ConquerCups previously and was the runner-up in the second ConquerCup. It is clear that he actively participates in many CNC 4 events. He is also the leader of VKP, a very successful ladder team. His team currently stands fourth in the ladder with the most games won.

Zebrastripes had the honour of speaking to him:

Zebra: Congratulations on Player of the Month and expert status Lex! Can you provide us with a picture of yourself? Tell us a bit about you, like where you are from and how old you are.

Lex: Before I will tell us about me I will warn you: my English is not the best.
I play the game from the beta. I Think is the best game from the C&C ever. You have action from the beginning and you play only 10 up to 30min and it's a very tactical game.
I come from the capital city of Germany. In 2 weeks I'm 25 years old.

Zebra: Who or what do you think is responsible for your remarkable success in CNC 4?

Lex: It's my favorite game. I think I play only this game. If I not play C&C 4 I play Ego shooter but unusual. I'm a C&C 4 Freak.
I learn much from other players to analyze the replays and play with him.

Zebra: How would you say your play style is like?

Lex: My Style is like kamikaze bomber. Push push push. Never stand still with the units.
If my crawler is down, I get a new one.

Zebra: What's your favourite map in CNC 4? Why?

Lex: At present I do not have favorite a map. You must play all maps from C&C 4 and cannot play only one or two maps.

Zebra: Outside of VKP, who do you consider as very good players?

Lex: It gives a lot of good players. Yukkuri, ck7115, cheetah, Arigold, The12, NicoleM, Sammy and so on.

Zebra: You and your team are pretty well known in the CNC 4 community. How does it feel to know that you are part of one of the best teams in the game?

Lex: That is an honor for us.
Because all now that C&C 4 have a very small community, because all say is the worst game ever. Therefore only a small group in the world plays the game. It gives only the "good players" and the "random players". If you buy now the game and want be a good player, it's hard because you will be bashed by the "real good players" and then you will not play longer this game because you will be demoralized.
I wanted to say that everyone wants to be the best. That lies in the nature of humans. I like it to play good games. The best games are if I think in beginning we lose this game and then we get a comeback and win.

Zebra: You are also in Rise of Phoenix (RoP), can you tell us a little bit about your clan and your thoughts on clan members?

Lex: I think Rise of Phoenix (RoP) is the last best German clan. We have our own Clanpage and Teamspeak Server. But we have not only German members. We are an international Clan. And we search always for a new good member.
I like the guys on Teamspeak we make many jokes and we also play together.

Zebra: How do you feel before tournaments? Do you feel pressure from other players or teammates?

Lex: The first rule is never underestimate the enemy! If you underestimate you will lose!
Respect all players.
But if any player pisses me off I will piss back.
At beginning of tournaments I always feel nervous. If the start from us is good I be more calm. But if the game is not so good for us I scream : "blue tib", "green tib" or "wtf you do".

Zebra: Are there any recent replays that you would like to share with us?

Lex: Mm, not really because I post the replays were I think there are good. And good replays are if you think you will lose and then you win this game.
But second game from the Final GR vs cncsaga was a very good game.

At the beginning I get our blue tib, but after this I lost my side and then the blue tib. Then the enemy got more nodes than us. There I think now we lose. But then we get a nice comeback with tier 3. Then we won it scarcely.

Zebra: How did you get into strategy games like CNC 4?

Lex: I love strategy games like C&C. Before I play C&C 4 I play C&C Generals over years. The best from strategy games is you don't need a long time to play a game. I mean if you play "WoW" (I never play this game) you need many hours to play and you cannot say after 30min "I must go my girlfriend is waiting".
In C&C 4 you need only 10 to up 30min for one game. Only to find a game is very time consuming. And if you search a game where you are Team and the enemy Team is good you need a lot of time but these are the best games where both teams are good.

Zebra: Do you play any other games outside of RTS/RTT games?

Lex: Only Ego Shooter. But unfrequented now.

Zebra: What is Lex the person like? Tell us a bit about your hobbies.

Lex: Lex is a freak, he only wants to be the best. He comes Home then he will cooking for his girlfriend and him. Then he goes to the PC, checks the Forum and starts the game.

Zebra: Is there any advice you would like to give to newer players?

Lex: It is very difficult. Because only few players play the game. The result is that only give "good" and "bad" player. And when I'm a new player and I play vs good player and I will always get bashed, it will not be fun and then I never play it again.
In a long view from the game it will be the death of C&C 4.
But the best way is never give up and watch replays and many manuals, how to play the game. First rule is never stand still in a game.

Zebra: If there was another player you could give expert status to, who would it be? Why?

Lex: IIIIIIIIIII, he is the most arrogant player that I know.. But his game is epic. I hate and I love him when a see him to play.

Zebra: Pie, cookie, or cake? Why?

Lex: None because too much sugar!
I'm half Eco-Freak. I never buy convenience foods.

Zebra: Any last words to the community?

Lex: I think Gamersreplay.org is the best community because they didn't give up. The community is very active and makes many tournaments and is international for all players from the world.

Thank you for your time Lex!

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