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Play the Night Moves bonus mission now!

By methuselah - 8th April 2011 - 18:12 PM

Experience the beginning of the end Commanders! Electronic Arts has now released the preorder bonus mission Night Moves to the community in general. Enjoy!

The time is here, Commanders! It is the time, where every soldier should know, how the end of the Tiberium Saga began. That's why we have made the prequel mission "Night Moves" of Command & Conquer 4 available for every C&C4 player out there. Jump back into the game to experience the beginning of the end.

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Just check your campaign screen for the "PRE-ORDER BONUS Night Moves" mission and be part of Gideon's master plan to lay a trap for the false prophet Kane.

Attention: If you registered your C&C4 Tiberian Twilight account after March 2011, you will not be able to play the bonus mission right away. Just post in the prepared help thread on our official forum, and we will manually grant you access to the bonus mission!
Source: Night Moves Release Announcement

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