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Q&A With C&C's New Community Manager

By methuselah - 13th August 2010 - 16:12 PM

GameReplays.org recently had a chance to chat with the new Community Manager for Command & Conquer, EA_Goodman. Goodman hails from Stockholm, brings some Blizzard experience to the table and is looking forward to taking on the challenge that is Command & Conquer.

Name, age & location please.
Goodman: Goodman, 32, Stockholm

methuselah: What was your first experience with video games?
Goodman: My first time was Commodore 64 at a friend's place. I must have been 10 at the time.

methuselah: What drew you to EA and to your post in particular?
Goodman: After I left Blizzard I couldn't shake the feeling that games is where I need to be. But where does one go after Blizzard? It took a short while, but when I saw an opening at DICE I knew I had to go for it. Funny story: Although I'm good at community, I'm really, really (really) bad at job interviews. When DICE had me visit to have a chat (with about 6! different people), they asked me to bring my wife along. A while after I got the job I found out that at some point they had been tempted to hire her instead of me. But things worked out in the end J

methuselah: What background, educational and occupational, did you have before becoming a Community Manager for EA?
Goodman: I started working part-time when I was 15, so when I finished High School I decided to continue working and do it full-time. Before long I was doing customer support for Microsoft in Amsterdam, did a short stint in Edinburgh, moved to Berlin and worked for eBay for a loong time, before getting hired at Blizzard. Got married, moved to Holland, watched McGyver re-runs while waiting for people to reply to my job applications, did some work for a mobile company, applied at DICE and now here we are.

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methuselah: What all does your role as Community Manager entail?
Goodman: Answering a lot of questions, apparently. To me community is the best part of working in the gaming industry.
It's probably a combination of having done customer support for so long myself, getting horrific support from most support lines I have ever called and the great example of community engagement I learned from the folks over at Blizzard.
Being the one to stand up for the players, get their feedback and giving it to the folks making the game (and vice versa) is simply the best and most fun job I could ever imagine.

methuselah: How many communities are you trying to manage at this point?
Goodman: Currently I'm Global CM for Battlefield Heroes, BattleForge, Command & Conquer and Lord of Ultima. If some of these titles are new to you you really should give them a try.

methuselah: What do you think of the C&C community thus far? And be honest it's okay those of us in the community that are honest know it is a difficult community at best.
Goodman: To be completely honest it's gone a little bit quiet, but I have found that there are a lot of different personalities to chat with; some fun, some trolls and some just a little bit weird. But then, who wants to be labeled "normal" anyway, right?

methuselah: What kind of music do you listen to and/or what are your favorite bands?
Goodman: I'll give anything a try, it just really depends on my mood. Favorites would take a couple of days to list, but I just started listening to STP and Linkin Park again.

methuselah: How do you spend the majority of your time when you're not working?
Goodman: Taking care of my six month old, occasionally talking to my wife, rarely going out and whatever time is left I use for gaming.

methuselah: Which one is your favorite universe: Tiberium, Red Alert or Generals?
Goodman: I'm not even trying to be diplomatic when I say that's impossible to answer.

methuselah: Have you read the Command and Conquer novel?
Goodman: I'm ashamed to admit I didn't know there was one...does that come in hard cover?

methuselah: Do you have any pets? If not, what's your ideal pet?
Goodman: I have loads! I'm only 11 away from reaching "Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart"

methuselah: Who of the following describes you the best: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Teal'c or George Hammond?
Goodman: Probably Daniel without the insane iq.

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methuselah: Do you own any consoles? If so, what console games do you like?
Goodman: We have a Wii, but I'm told that doesn't really count. I like FPS and RTS, both of which I couldn't for the life of me play without a good mouse.

methuselah: What is your favorite: Star Wars, Stargate or Star Trek?
Goodman: Well, let's see. Atlantis ended too soon, SGU still has to convince me, Episodes I,II and III didn't quite do it for me (when TOR comes out, however, question 9 will change entirely, btw) and they ended Star Trek too soon.

methuselah: What is your favorite movie all-time?
Goodman: If I get the chance to see it, apparently Inception will be. What I really wish for Christmas is a TOR movie though. Those cinematics are epic!

methuselah: Who is your favorite character in the C&C franchise?
Goodman: I'd have to say Tanja. Tough, hot and doesn't take no for an answer.

methuselah: Anything you'd like to say in closing?
Goodman: The bobble head on my desk says it best: You can't kill the Messiah.

Please share your thoughts on EA_Goodman's introduction now!