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Support Power Guide Part 1

By Incia - 1st April 2011 - 17:44 PM

In a series of five parts, we will present you with a detailed guide on all the support powers in Tiberian Twilight.


Date: February 27, 2011
Game: Tiberian Twilight 1.03
Author: Incia
Support Powers were first introduced to the world of Command & Conquer in Generals, and they have been part of the franchise ever since, reappearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath and (although in a different form) in Red Alert 3.

In Tiberian Twilight, both playable factions, GDI and Nod, have access to fifteen support powers each, powers which range in use from being truly "supportive" to openly offensive, some of which can be very devastating indeed. Support powers come in five levels, depending on the amount of Support Points you need to spend on them, with the inexpensive smaller buff or debuff effects at the low cost end and the mean offensive powers reserved for the higher end of the price range (and also requiring that your crawler be upgraded to tier 2).

This guide will go through every one and each support power in the entire game. You can use the navigation buttons at the bottom of this page to jump directly to a specific power, or you can read the guide from cover to cover if you aren't yet familiar with the full range of available support powers. The navigational links will be updated as further parts of the guide are released.

The Support Class

The Support Class is one of the three classes from which each faction chooses to build their strike forces, and it is the only class which has access to support powers. You select the Support Class by deploying a Support Crawler. The Support Crawler is an air unit, as are most of the units that it can build. With only 2000 hit points (HP), the Support Crawler is weaker than the Offense and Defense Crawlers, which have 3000 HP each. The biggest advantage of the Support Class is the player's ability to invoke a large number of support powers, which may well turn the tide of a battle.

Support Points

Every support power costs a certain number of Support Points (SP), 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50. Support Points regenerate automatically: You receive 10 SP every 60 seconds (in fact, 1 SP every six seconds). You can only hold a maximum of 50 SP at any given time.

Do not waste Support Points. Keep an eye on your Support Points at all times, especially when your crawler is taking heavy damage. Should you lose your crawler, you will also lose all your Support Points, so for example if you had collected those 50 SP and never used them, they will all go down the drain when your crawler gets destroyed. Also, you cannot store more that 50 SP, so it may be worthwhile to use one of the cheaper powers if you have saved up the maximum number of points but do not want to spend all of them in one go.

Cooldown. If you like to cast the same power multiple times (which you can do with the level-1 and -2 powers if you have enough SP stored), you have to wait two seconds after casting before the power becomes available again. (However, you can cast different powers without any delay.)

Higher Tiers

At tier 1 you only have access to support powers of level 1, 2 and 3. You will have to tech up to tier 2 in order to use level-4 and -5 powers. As a support player, using your Upgrade Points early on in the game to advance to tier 2 in order to unlock higher-level support powers may be a useful strategy. It takes at least 4:20 to build up 40 SP (0:20 to deploy, 4:00 to generate 40 SP), so if you want to use of one those level-4 powers as fast as possible, you have that much time to upgrade to tier 2.

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Support crawler advancing to tier 3 (left: GDI, right: Nod).

Charged Capacitors

At tier 3 both Nod and GDI support crawlers have access to a very important upgrade which will double the rate of Support Point regeneration (to 10 SP every 30 seconds, or 1 SP every 3 seconds). If you are ever planning on using support powers intensively, then be sure to pick this upgrade first of all when reaching tier 3.

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Charged Capacitors. A crucial upgrade for the support class.

Many thanks to TPPK, R Schneider, Jackofspades0 and Bardman for their contributions to the guide and their help with editing and styling and to Lobber and Admiral DuGalle for tips and suggestions. Special thanks to Noodlesocks and TPPK for providing some of the screenshots.

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Global Defense InitiativeBrotherhood of Nod
Level 1 Powers
Recon DroneEyes of the People
Status RebootDemoralize
OverkillObelisk of Life
Level 2 Powers
Tech SupportCloaking Field
Repair ZoneBurrow Mines
Accelerated ConstructionEMP Countermeasures
Level 3 Powers
Supply DropHack Radar
Point Defense ShieldsDecoy Army
EMP Mine DropFirestorm Ignition
Level 4 Power
Mirror CoatSubterranean Strike
Sonic ArtilleryRisen Monolith
Battle HardeningHand of Legion
Level 5 Powers
Seismic DisturbanceTiberium Infusion
Displacement FieldVein Detonation
Firehawk AirstrikeMark of Kane