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Tiberium Twilight Tournament 1 bracket

By cwedvin - 15th February 2020 - 13:57 PM

Welcome back, Commanders! This is the Bracket page for the C&C4 Tiberium Twilight 1 January 2020 3vs3 30$ Tournament.

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Map pool

During this event you can only use these selected maps.:
    Blood and sand
    Ice station omega
    Lost Valley
    Disputed Depot
    Hostile Headlands
    Searing messa
    Withered Fracture
    Pipeline Plateau

    map elimination

    Here is a example of a map elimination

    Phantom -Blood and sand
    Claymore -Ice station omega
    Phantom -Lost Valley
    Claymore -Disputed Depot
    Phantom -Hostile Headlands
    Claymore -Searing messa
    Phantom -Withered Fracture

    that leaves Pipeline Plateau to be played as the first match.

    If you can't decide who should start the elimination, the player with the lowest seed number on Challonge will eliminate first which can be verified on the bracket. If you don't know what that means, ask a Referee. Factions, including random, must be chosen before elimination begins and cannot be changed afterwards. If a player changes faction after map elimination is complete, the other player can decide to counter pick, do nothing, or restart the map elimination process at his discretion. The same map cannot be played twice in any series during any round.

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