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Command and Conquer 4 Gameplay Tips

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Tip of the Week # 42 - Harvesting in C&C 4

Wednesday, 26 Jun 2013
Welcome back commander, anyone missed me? Either way, this time around we will discuss about Tiberium Collecting in early-game, mid-game and even late-game. This is a very important aspect in C&C 4. Most Players stop the harvesting process after they reach Tier 3, that is understandable but it...
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Tip of the Week # 41 - C&C 4 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs)

Sunday, 19 Aug 2012
Welcome back commander!Let's have a look at the multiple difference between the Main Battle Tanks (MBT's) in C&C 4. They all seem to have the same purposes and stats, but they are in fact very different units. Only real similarity these units share are that they shoot shells and they are mostly...
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Tip of the Week # 40 - Spider Tanks and Widow

Sunday, 6 May 2012
Welcome to this weeks Tip of the Week! We are going to talk about the evil sisters of Nod, I'm talking about the Spider Tank and Widow. Spider Tanks are nasty little units that can traverse cliffs and remain undetected while the bigger sister is more clumsy but also a lot more powerful. Both...
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Tip of the Week # 39 - Basilisk's Stasis Field

Friday, 27 Apr 2012
Stasis Fields have been famous in old and recent strategy games, and C&C 4 has it's own fair share of them too. Before, we have discussed about the GDI Crystal Shield, so this time around we will discuss everything about it's Nod counterpart. The Basilisks have mastered the power of the dark...
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Tip of the Week # 38 - Garrisoned Structures

Sunday, 8 Apr 2012
This weeks tip will tell a little about the Civilian Structures scattered around the battlefields. This tip will discuss about the statistics, advantages and disadvantages of Garrisons, units which benefit the most from them, units who give bonuses while garrisoned. The tip will also mention the...
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Tip of the Week # 37 - Blue lovely Crates

Friday, 2 Mar 2012
Welcome commanders to a tip which is different than normal, which will be about the Blue Crates/Cores Offense Players can see scattered around the battlefield. This will explain the boosts they give and the hidden secrets they may give to specific units. This will also explain which units you...
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Tip of the Week # 36 - One Percenters: 36-40

Friday, 24 Feb 2012
Welcome to our next edition of "one percenters".This is part two of these new One Percenters and in this edition we will take a look of five different small aspects of the game. You'll get answers to questions such as; how much is the Crawler actually worth when taking Tech Structures? Is the...
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Tip of the Week # 35 - Tier 3 Defence Tactics

Saturday, 18 Feb 2012
The Crystal Shield and Disruption Tower are the most important tools for a Tier 3 Defence Crawler. Few people know how to use these properly so this tip is dedicated to explaining it.First you start with the basics of a Tier 3 Crawler.All Tier 3 GDI Defence class units do Blast damage, so we can...
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Tip of the Week # 34 - One Percenters: 31-35

Sunday, 12 Feb 2012
We are back baby! Welcome to our next edition of "one percenters".In this edition we will revisit four older tips and one sparkling new 1%er tip. This edition will cover five 1%ers instead of the usual ten, but the next part will follow shortly. However, the second part will have five totally new...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week # 33 - The Backup Systems

Sunday, 29 Jan 2012
The Backup Systems are the only available Upgrade for Husks. The game has 6 different Husks for units and this Upgrade will benefit them all, however it's a double edged sword so if used correctly it can give your Tier 3 units advantages while when used bad will give your units a direct...