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Command and Conquer 4

The Greatest comeback ever

#11Incia  Nov 15 2018, 02:14 AM -

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Nice comeback! Liked this game, lots of teamwork and quite a lot of nice strategies.
I still get sad seeing no micro on selling structures. I saw at least 2 Unpowered Super Weapons get easily wiped out = 30VP. It's quite a lot of points considering how close the results were.
#12Max aka Furio  Nov 23 2018, 03:21 AM -
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There were so many sonic artillery strikes in this one match that I just lost count but zephyre never once used anti-emp (correct me if I am wrong) and he used the basilisks stasis field on GDI aircraft just one second before a nuke dropped on them, making them immune, surviving the blast and then they pursued his basilisks, what is the point of being Nod support if all you care about is the mark of Kane and killing crawlers?

Support your allies, use the anti-emp or lose a friendly army, use demoralisation on crystal interceptors or lose the crystal, use cloaking field to protect defence crawlers from the firehawk support power, use subterranean strike to destroy a GDI defence crawler, stop killing crawlers with the mark of Kane if you can do so much more for your team, hell, even use the basilisks stasis field on the ion canon strike and freeze it

If this is shemper, I understand why you guys laugh at him, I went full nuclear rage mode at aleks for his support play but actually I would take aleks support over shemper any day

https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...owtopic=1011335 - read this zephyre,
then grovel and thank Finn for being your God Almighty

PS. whitehouseparty, if you are having dinner right now, use this salt to make your meal nice and spicy my amigo
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