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Command and Conquer 4

eu cāștig 1v1

#1sistar  Sep 27 2018, 00:57 AM -
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ar vel
#2andr33a  Sep 27 2018, 17:14 PM -
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Hello! de cand joci?
#3(e)1337(e)-Pain  Sep 29 2018, 10:06 AM -
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In this 1v1 Zeph loses versus a guy who plays only Nod defense and doesn't even build units that could counter Zeph's army. In a panic reaction the Nod player even blows up his own Tib one millimetre away from his base. Zeph still wastes support points on Tib denial even though his opponent reached tier 3 ten minutes ago. Zeph still sends only one Engineer each for his own Tibs and can't hold nodes because all Zeph can do after years is using the Q key to command units. Zeph spams air units in a game in which ground control is the key element.

And yet Zeph once whispered me something about how he thinks the two of us are really good players and we should play together more often.
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#4KimDeAmbrosis  Oct 13 2018, 07:50 AM -
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#5Incia  Nov 14 2018, 06:58 AM -

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What in the actual *** did I just watch? I think my brain melted.


Spamming blindly Underminders/Centurions versus Kodiaks and Thunderheads whole game.

Doesn't Dismantle a single structure in the whole game, probably gave away at least 1000 VP from uselessly losing turrets alone, first 12 Viper Turrets got destroyed by air units.

And that's not the sad part... sad part is that this guy won.

There are guides on this site folks...

#6Max aka Furio  Nov 22 2018, 22:44 PM -
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How do I censor my comment for spoilers?

I'll refer to the winner as Patrick Star because this was an extraordinary close match for reasons that shouldn't be the case at all

The lesson here is that ground control is the means to victory (for both 2500 and 3000 in this match) and Patrick Star knew ground control, Sponge Bob on the other hand, ...didn't!

Also, I have fought Patrick Star and he rage quit from the spawn pit where I buried him, if this opponent is too much for you, I think you should purchase this game I know of that is called candy crush
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