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# 1Xelenos Apr 14 2021, 22:05 PM
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Hello guys,
I'm presenting to you the full BFME II league command guide. This guide will serve as a reference for people who want to understand the commands, how the league work or for people who want to promote the league and see how to play on it.
The guide will be updated if new command goes out.
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How to register in the league?

In order to play in the league you need:
  • A Discord account(preferably download the discord app).
  • A Gameranger ID.
  • And the game (BFMEII) with the latest patch 1.09 v2.
Once you have those go to The Battle for the Middle-Earth online community and in the #bfme-league channel you can use the register command that works as followed:
$register LeagueName GamerangerID
You can add a clanTag after but it isn't needed.
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Once you did that you will be registered in the league.
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How to play in the league?

Playing aka searching for a game in the league is quite easy. For that you only need to type the $queue/$play command that works as followed:
$queue GameMode Army
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Note that you cannot search for another game if:
  • You are already in the queue.
  • You found a game and didn't finish it(reported the score).
Once you did that the system will search for an opponent of your skill.
You are also allowed to leave the queue after being in it for at least a minimum of 10 minutes.
The leave command work as follow:
$leave YourLeagueName

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Where i see my matche?

When the system finds a matching opponent for you, he will generate the game rules. You can find it in the #league-matcheslog channel.
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You will have there all the information you need to contact the player on discord but also in gameranger through his gamerangerID.
The only things you need to do now is to contact your opponent, find a neutral host or play on the randomly selected host and finally play your match according to the log.
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How to report my game?

Reporting the game is a little bit more 'complicated' according to some. But it always works the same so once you get it there is nothing to really 'understand'
One of the player report the game using the command as follow:
$report WinnerLeagueName LoserLeagueName 1 0
Important note:
  • Once the command has been called, both players have within 30seconds to agree to the score(preferably tell your opponent that you are going to report the matches, this way he knows he has to approve)
  • It let you time to see who is declared as a winner etc.
  • If you fail to report in time the operation must be repeated.
  • If you don't know the league name of your opponent, simply refer yourself to the matches log all information are there.
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And that's basically it, with those you can play and spam game as much as you like. Those are the only command to know except the register command which is a one time use.
Now let's go to the interesting part of the league.

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Other usefull command to know.

The player stat:
command: $player
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The matchelog command:
command: $matches
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The maps command:
command: $maps MapName
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The league command:
comand: $league
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comand: $league Army
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The leaderboard command:
command: $leaderboard/$rank
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command: $leaderboard/$rank SkillRank
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This concludes the enhanced guide of the BFMEII league.
Big thanks to YodA` for promoting the league in live same as BliZZard & Elrohir, to bring new player to it
Also thanks to J-Edgar for bringing new member PowerKartoffel aka potato, Poy, Savage, TakeOver.
Thanks to Netput, Clever, Ecthelion $ Shelob for commands and systems idea.
And most importantly big thanks to the active player of the league.
Halet and Luxus both of you go to hell.


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# 2Val` Apr 15 2021, 02:39 AM
Thanks ill publish this soon

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