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CNC Zero Hour

400 Super Challenge | Excal/Fargo vs Size/Marakar BO15

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# 1-DoMiNaToR- Jan 14 2022, 19:56 PM

BO15 2v2 Pro Challenge
400 prize sponsored by former TEAMROFL.Generals.NL

The whole format was written by the sponsor.
First game: ChinaV mirror on Tournament Island

After that, the loser decides the next matchup from the list below. The opposite team will choose which armies to play first.
Loser of last match always chooses next matchup, other team always picks first armies.

Tournament Tundra - TOX/TANK vs NUKE/NUKE (+ reverse)
Tournament A ZH v1 - INF/GLAv vs AIR/LASER (+ reverse)
Tournament B - NUKE/USAv vs GLAv/DEMO (+ reverse)
Unity A ZH - DEMO/TANK vs GLAv/ChinaV (+ reverse)
Manic Agression - STEALTH/LASER vs NUKE/ChinaV (+ reverse)
Volcano - SWG/GLAv vs NUKE/TOX (+ reverse)

Victory Valley - USAv + LASER mirror
[RANK] Rubies and Pearls ZH v1 - DEMO x4 mirror
Fallen Empire - TOX x4 mirror
[RANK] Make Make 4 ZH v2 - NUKE/AIR Mirror
Lone Eagle v4- NUKE x4 mirror
[RANK] Coastline Wold- TANK/SWG Mirror

This will go on until there's a decider. If there's going to be a decider, it will be; GLAv/Stealth mirror on DEFCON (the corner spots for every player >> EAST VS WEST). Loser of last match will choose first spots.

No cars allowed.
GR Fair play rules apply.
No scaffold abuse - no demo trap detonation, no blocking firebase etc.
No bug abuse - no capturing from middle of a building.
In case of MM or DC, the host (DoMiNaToR) will decide if game is to be replayed or a win given to one player.

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# 2OoE-ExCaL^ Jan 14 2022, 20:08 PM
Gens.nl! Ty for set lets make ggs.

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# 3-DoMiNaToR- Jan 14 2022, 20:13 PM
lone eagle v4

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Attached File Lone_Eagle_v4.zip
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Player Name Side Team

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# 4-NickName Jan 15 2022, 00:30 AM
Ggs. Congratz to Excal for winning $395 and nice of you that you give $5 to Fargo for effort tongue.gif

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# 5-Wraith Jan 15 2022, 00:33 AM
ggs wp congrats excal and fargo chat was having lovely discussions laugh.gif

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# 6yamiyami Jan 15 2022, 00:35 AM
ggs another easy win for excal xd

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# 7He1SenBerG Jan 15 2022, 02:00 AM
excal, quit your day job

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