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Company of Heroes 2

3 v 3 Annihilation Tournament Sponsored by Relic

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# 1dukejason Mar 31 2017, 00:26 AM
It's tournament time once again, but this time we can safely say it's been a while! We step foot onto the Eastern Front to do battle once more. As the sun continues to rise on Company of Heroes 2, our best and brightest contenders are once more called to action for a another glorious confrontation over the frozen fields of Eastern Europe.

The battle will begin at 3pm GMT on Saturday, April 15th, 2017. The Quarter finals, semis and finals match may be re-scheduled to April 22nd depending on length of preliminary rounds. The Opening Round and the Quarters are single elimination. The Finals will be a Best-of-Three and the tournament will be broadcast live by DukeJason.

3v3 Single Elimination
64 players - Will consider more if necessary
1st Place: 50k Supply for each member, badge in profile for winning tournament on Official Company Of Heroes forum.
2nd Place: 25k Supply for each member.
3rd Place: 15k Supply for each member.

All commanders and bulletins are permitted
Arranged teams only
15th and 22nd of April
3pm GMT Start Time

Sign-ups end on April 14th on the official forums. Don't miss it!

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