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3v3 PVP BO5 new maps

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# 1yzzd-pk Aug 12 2017, 23:52 PM
3v3 PVP BO5 new maps
Edited by DuckBB
13th Aug, 2017
Every map is well-tested with debug and evaluated to be balance and interesting for 3v3 battles, including most of the battle type in RA3. Duck-3v3 group with dozens of great 3v3 players finished all of the tests and had a great promotion in China. We have successfully used these BO5 maps for eight Chinese teams’ RedAlert Clan's League #2 of 9 weeks 3v3 matches and nearly one hundred of battles done. We aim to introduce 3v3 battle to a more rich variety of nice teamwork and cooperation with novel strategies. Wish your every success and enjoy our maps! (There is another new map under production and finally with one update of BO5 maps, combining magmageddon to make up a BO7 list of 3v3)

3v3 PVP BO5 new maps introduction 1
IPB Image

Hot Conflict (Warming-up choice)

Referring to Fire Island, Hot Conflict is simply designed for teamwork battle of short-medium distance fight. There are many key points to enjoy when you are very skillful in unusual tactics, team converged armies, multitasking operations, sneak attacks, and economy-technology development.

Navies here are not as important as other maps do. However the tech-3 navies, especially with aircraft carriers’ EMP, would be super powerful to control the main battlefield when it’s ready in the middle poor. Pay attention to how you manage your opening with your teammates, or your team would be bad at oil contention. We encourage unusual explosive team tactics (e.g. triple sell mcv with one ref, and rush) which is really effective when you can finish all of your enemies at once. Also, choose the right way you are moving on, occupy the front with great strategies on balancing development and production. The better you cooperate with your team, the easier you would win in Hot Conflict. Excellent commander teams, good luck, have fun!

3v3 PVP BO5 new maps introduction 2
IPB Image

Snowtop Conqueror (For fury micro)

A novel geography on the snow mountain, Snowtop Conqueror is specially designed with an unable-constructing main battlefield. A nice teamwork within very short distance is the key to success in this map. Occupy the snowtop, cooperative team rush, army facing, naval supremacy, and economy-technology development are everything you have to consider about.

North against South Battle (70% probability)
Without tower rush and nano core rush in the mountain, three steps armies following tech-1, tech-2, and tech-3, are just work on your fury micro and management. Efficiently combine your units with your teammates would be far more powerful than your imagine. How your team defense works, pushing forward your armies and help each other would make the result.
- Every side is manual symmetry and fair, we have tested a lot;
- Just around the oils of mountain bottom, a slight higher than the besides ref, so you can directly put your barracks next to that oil;
- Considering the cliffs, tengu attack not works well here (you can hardly escape), Empire is also good at move & rush, when you can’t easily enter the sea;
- Suggesting not move your mcv down to the mountain, you can easily lost it;
- Air force can attack and escape very efficiently, take care;
- Decide your refs with your teammates, that do works with good arrangement;

East against West Battle (30% probability)
It’s not out of our design when you have to fight with your enemies fxxking close in a same range. Every side is 2V1 so it’s a hard choice to consider save your teammates or not. Move your attention, change your strategy and 3v1, 3v2, 2v2, 1v1 would be all possible and exciting.
- The observation outpost is annoying but useful if you do it well;
- Do not forget to occupy the mountain even if you are very busy with your front;
- Mountain way, oils, blockhouses, and refs are also important for supporting, attack and escape;
All in all, take very care in the beginning and immediately decide your strategies with your team facing on different Battle type. Mirco and cooperation is really important if you do want to be the Snowtop Conqueror! Fury commanders, good luck, have fun!
3v3 PVP BO5 new maps introduction 3
IPB Image

Infinite Barbeque (Complex battle)

Referring to triple combined Infinite Island, now we have a very interesting and well-designed 3v3 map based on II. Infinite Barbeque (IBBQ) introduce you a familiar surrounding but totally different situation. Evidence has shown battles facing two or even more enemies in IBBQ would require your ultimate skills on quick siege, support, management, and sometimes specific strategies.

We’ve reasonably made some changes when we connect the islands therefore hopefully it would make the battles more challenging and exciting. The connected highland means you have to face another enemy super close when you need your highland ref and once you’ve occupied the highland, you would be between hammer and anvil. Then all of the six players stand in a line and fiercely fight each neighbor (e.g. ABABAB, the reason called “BBQ”). Besides, some oils blockhouses, and sea refs are relatively adjusted.

Born points are slightly moved when we need the two side of highland fighting. Do not select the born point before all of your teammates do so. Without selection, born points are highly possible to be correct. Anyway when the room is 111222 it would be definitely right born points. That’s all we can do by now.

Unregularly, we added two survival islands with their refs, which could not even be seen in the radar. Think of every possibility it would mean. Moreover, things also changed when the navy could attack 3 or more sea refs, so do the disturbing attack. Never automatically use the same tactics with II, or the bad teamwork would be destructive. Especially we suggest the southwest and the northeast players to be ware, which is the most dangerous place when you are attacked by 1.5 players on average. Thus, most of developing opening here leads you defeated very soon. Wish your good luck, have fun!

3v3 PVP BO5 new maps introduction 4
IPB Image

Pool March (Long-term 2v1)

Ideas from Poor Party (RA3) and A Path Beyond II (RA2), Pool March goes with very interesting design. “C2 symmetry” results in a partly unfair but totally fair battlefield. Seas, lands, airs mixed with four “2v1 guiding” indestructible bridges made every changes there. Obviously skillful 2v1 rushing is encouraged and the problem is how to deal with that. Occupying, development, tower rush, and other unusual strategy are all set in this map.

In our test, long-term stand-off is quite common. Hence nonstandard 8 oils are set and made the bridgeheads most important to occupy. Take care of the poor pathfinding system of RA3 when you pass the bridges. Also, convenient refs are placed with deep consideration. Good management is important with relative teamwork.

Middle navy are very powerful and able to finish most of the refs, especially invincible hiding under the bridges. Anyway, due to the limited pool area, land tech-3 could also strike back efficiently. By the way, new advantages have shown:
- Easy-reach sea refs and the pools make Soviet’s twinblades and bullfrogs strong;
- Allies’ tower and aircraft carriers’ EMP would be powerful;
- Most of Empire’s units are with high mobility, which is useful here.
Be the final winner in your Pool March, good luck, have fun!

3v3 PVP BO5 new maps introduction 5
IPB Image

Besieged Reservoir (Balanced naval battle)

Last but best! Besieged Reservoir is an extremely well designed naval map based on more than 20 great ideas. Fortunately, super enough strategies are made to balancing the Allies, Soviet and Empire on naval and air forces with numerous novel tactics that you may be even unable to imagine. Despite Empire, we realized Allies and Soviet’s methods on naval battle exhaustively innovated and you would therefore be able to enjoy every new way of fight. Details are considered as good as possible to make sure most of inactive units welcomed. All in all, we strongly suggest you to learn about all over the new strategies we have provided.

There are the key points of design we’ve made in this map:
1) Highlands on the Northeast and the Southwest are with no way to climb up. It’s designed for air forces and the units with special way to land on:
- By Soviet’s twinblades and bullfrogs carrying, sickle mecha jumping;
- By Allies’ century bombers carrying, time bomb (or something else) with hyperspace exchange, chromosphere, cross-sea construction;
- By Empire’s landfall airplanes;
- By dream…
2) Hospitals are important when you are going to use:
- Sleeper ambush or tank buster (with sudden transport);
- Shinobi in the sea, rocket angles and Yurico to help the sea battle;
- Soviet’s infantry for landing and attack, especially Natasha;
- Dolphins in sea battle;
- Javelin solder (with ACV) or century bombers’ carrying;
- Spy and Tanya;
3) Veteran academy and neutral airport are really meaningful in naval battle and air battle. Please do take care of every way to capture, or avoiding your enemies to capture. Mention, Soviet’s bullfrogs launch is the easiest way.
4) There are many well-designed small islands. Half of them (six) are able for 2*2 construction, half (six) are less. Think of what you can construct and how helpful and safe it would be (Yes, 2*2 for sputnik, crusher crane, Allies’ miner outpost, or even waveforce tower? Less for other towers? Poor Empire, rare nano cores are able to place).
5) Small islands: Javelin solder (with ACV), tank buster (with sudden transport or by sleeper ambush), heroes, and any other things to land, imagine every possibility;
6) Small islands: amphibious units, great place to land and escape or land and fight. Allies’ assault destroyer with black hole armor would release from all of the torpedo by landing (we encourage that “bug”). This is important to balance the naval;
7) Use your long-distance attack to destroy the sea refs and structures from the land (small islands or highlands): Javelin solder’s laser-guided mode, hammer tank’s leech bean, land tech-3, terror drones, and of course air forces;
8) Consider the power of highland’s development – easy to defense, with economy and easy to limit the sea ref nearby, veteran academy and neutral airport, safe super weapons, safe air force, easy to attack your born land, etc. Soviet may easily be the king of highland with a very powerful air force (one level, repairing): twinblades (can carry everything!), migs, kirovs. They may be able to challenge a group of tengus and shogun battle ships and destroy everything of born land;
9) Veteran academy reduced the power of cryocopter in disguise, while neutral airport makes it even more imbalances. Naval Empire has no way to defense its born land structures from cryocopter. Think of how you can use this point;
10) Six of javelin solder in every important buildings would be very good defense to avoid economy disturbing;
11) When landing the highlands, let the Allies have his ref first, a new miner outpost would be the best way to have the second ref (unless you are empire lololol);
12) Do never ignore the Allies’ hyperspace exchange and chromosphere technology. Good cooperation could move the teammates’ mcv upon to the highland, or to your born land. Armies therefore would be imaginable appear in everywhere of the map, including land force, naval force, VX, heroes, engineers, outposts, nano cores, mcv….everything! Development, escape, sneak attack, and chromosphere destroy in this big map would be super useful;
13) Take care of Allies’ chrono rift, too. Cryoshot here is no longer the best choice when most of the naval move faster than the land force and could easily escape from it. When the allies don’t use the airplane and decide to manage the defense bureau with tower and super weapons, or have the naval with high-technology cryocopter, first list - sweeping, surgical strike with chrono rift are a great choice so that the enemies’’ tower or naval would be no escape with chrono rift (rift a half or rift the anti-air part, you will win very easily). Also, it’s a nice prelude of spy’s purchase, aircraft carriers’ EMP or your teammates’ cryoshot or other protocols. It also works on destroying the airplanes in the airport, protecting something from protocols and super weapons, or using overlapping-destroy method;
14) Cross-sea construction after destroying the little house in the middle of east and west. That’s a great way for Allies to enter the highland, with hyperspace exchange and chromosphere technology. It means a new Allies with the defense bureau, tower and super weapons. Further developments could be seen;
15) Unless there is an airport open Allies, Allies and Soviet could capture the sea oil with barracks opening and first engineer, protected by dogs and bears, which Empire could not;
16) Dolphins are able to jump cross the block structure to attack the miner when your enemies are trying to have some block structure in the sea;
17) Soviet could start with a war factory, with a group of sickle mecha jumping: they can “fly” over the sea and directly attack your enemies’’ miners! After which terror drones are able to attack sea miners when most of the empires and allies could not put their shipyard next to their sea ref, or help with your teammates’ naval or catch the mcv. Bullfrogs and sputniks would be safely made from born land. Also, after you have twinblades, you can carry your tanks to everywhere to fight;
18) Iron curtain is very useful in landing attack, especially you know how to use it on your twinblades (can carry everything!), migs, kirovs. That would be a disaster;
19) It is good to occupy some useful buildings for the view, as well as the observation posts. There are many of them in the highland;
20) We have some other special design on limiting Empire’s third sea ref to set too early, while Soviet can do it very easily. Also, Empire’s shipyards are easy to attack, e.g. stingray nasad or other landing force attack and torpedo of Empire could do nothing then. By the way, structure block is very helpful in defense, as you can see.

In conclusion, it is truth that Empire’s naval is still powerful as we do not change anything of units. However, there have been a lot of strategies to limit its power by economy, development, highland resources, super weapons, and air pressure. What has already tested out is many Empire would rather choose to develop their air force when it’s targeted to use naval as usual. This demonstrated that Empire’s naval is truly strong but not absolutely attractive any more. With many new benefits, Soviets and Allies could choose to have various ways to defeat Empire’s naval, and come to a new balance with a variety of new tactics even with some inactive units in our daily battles. Congratulation for your finishing my long introduction of this new map with many new key points to follow and I do believe things are not going to stop there. Hence I am looking forwards to your nice discovery and innovation. Deep under the sea or high above the airspace, enjoy your new trip in Besieged Reservoir. See you next time commander, good luck, have fun!

Thanks for the entire designers and map makers with works or advices on this series of 3v3 PVP BO5 new maps.
Main designers: DuckBB, Snowy, yzzd-tcb, pika, yzzd-g63, Luca
Main map makers: DuckBB, Snowy
Introduction and Promotion: DuckBB
Download here:
Attached File 3V3_BO5_new_maps_by_duckBB.7z
Size: 3.99mb
Number of downloads: 55

enjoy it:P

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# 2Inspector RaGe Aug 13 2017, 00:00 AM
Wow! These look great, thanks a lot guys. smile.gif

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# 3Tom Sawyer Aug 13 2017, 03:30 AM
looking forward to trying these smile.gif

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# 4Constable Chris Aug 13 2017, 06:56 AM
Looks very interesting , looking forward to it. smile.gif

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# 5Vindies Aug 13 2017, 14:44 PM
Woaw! Looks so cool!

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# 6BUn1997 Aug 13 2017, 15:23 PM
ohmy.gif Snowy and Duck, thanks a lot guys. Your 1v1 maps are also so amazing

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# 7{DO}-LiquidOCELOT Aug 13 2017, 17:16 PM
good to see some 3v3 maps i am sick and tired of people keep on playing magmageddon i think its most played map in history of ra3, burnt out paradise is 2nd to it and its so rarely played and the snowmageddon i dont know map name is not played at all i was lucky enough to play the infinity isle 6 man map good map that one some thing different

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# 8Inspector RaGe Aug 13 2017, 22:18 PM
I'll be busy next weekend, so the next FTW will be at the end of the month. I would encourage you guys to host some 3v3 Wars on these maps and even get some clans to form teams.

It would not be a formal event with prizes, but I can help organize if you guys want.

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# 9omni.Taz360 Aug 15 2017, 04:51 AM
Just played Snow Conqueror, cool idea but I think the spawns are a little too close. When I have a dojo deploying in my base with in the first 5 seconds of the match seems way too close. Cool design though!

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# 10Tom Sawyer Aug 15 2017, 05:10 AM
just played Snowy Conqueror too, the spawns weren't right : was left vs right instead of top vs bottom like intended. was able to deploy a dojo in enemy base in the first 5 seconds of the match sad.gif

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