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8bit Armies, Hordes and Invaders

8-Bit 1v1 Tournament! (Hosted by JPS)

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# 1JustPlainSavage Jul 10 2017, 01:33 AM
Before we begin I would like to say this is my first tournament I ever made so go easy on me.

Hello! I am hosting a 1v1 Tournament.

Rules : First games (Depending on the number of players) will be a Best of 3, Semi Finals will be Best of 5, and Finals will be Best of 7.First map of every set will be Penguin Paradise, loser will pick the map.

Maps - Penguin Paradise / Galactic Groto / Circular Logic / Arctic Assault / Octagon / Venusian Wild Lands / Ship Yards.

Info - Any one can participate! BUT! I would prefer if you not to join if you are a "noob". If you are mid tier you are fine to join! How this is going to work is that all games will be played on 7/15/17. The games start at 2:10 PM EDT. I will get a hold of you via steam or discord, you have 5 minutes to reply or you will be disqualified! Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/SavageryOfSavagez/

Stream - Me and my buddy Dissonant will be casting each game live! Each players will take turns playing! We will be using the Observer mode to cast games. Stream link - https://www.twitch.tv/therealjustplainsavage [center]

Rewards - I am trying to get a $20 steam gift card for first place. And a $10 steam gift card for second. (No promises)

Lastly Gl and Hf! Remember, don't be salty if you lose just take it as an experience and a chance to meet other players in the community! Please try to avoid Bad manners. [center]

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# 2Askavenger Jul 10 2017, 01:40 AM
As long as nothing comes up I'll try to do this. ProvenSupreme

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# 3-Netput Jul 10 2017, 12:23 PM
Sadly enough I am not around at that date sad.gif
Would've loved to participate.

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# 4moolyftw Jul 11 2017, 13:04 PM
Nice work JPS! I'll defo join in with this!

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# 5ZertoN Jul 11 2017, 16:18 PM
signed up

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