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# 1Dominickbal Oct 20 2021, 00:31 AM
I'm looking for the the old aka clan members. I know this is a long shot because it's been so many years but it's worth a try lol. I was 15 when I started playing generals and now I'm 30 lol. My name was [AKA]Dark" something " 😬 like I said it's been years and I've used other names as well but can't remember them all. The dark part was the most used at the time.

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# 2Murder- Oct 21 2021, 15:21 PM
the [AKA] guys were pretty rubbish at official maps. this community is mostly about official maps, so they probably never joined here.

hi btw biggrin.gif good to see someone from the old days here

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# 3Dominickbal Oct 21 2021, 18:20 PM
Yeah they mostly played unlimited. After the first year I switched over to official. I ended up leaving them and joined official clans instead. I always stayed in touch with them and played counter strike with them but after that I lost contact. Your name does sound familiar though.

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