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All sorts of crazy stunts

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# 1eflorescence Mar 9 2013, 17:39 PM
Greetings y'all!

As my first topic on this forum (warm hello to everyone here btw) i'd like to discuss some crazy stuns you've pulled (solo or with your team) and/or some crazy stuns you've seen.
As we all know, HON is pretty darned fast so you can have the bad luck and get owned in a matter of 0.1 seconds then weep in the pool for the next 40 secs trying to figure out what happened. Nasty feeling and i'm sure we all got that at some point in out immense gaming experience ^^

Here goes. I ll just detail the whole setup of the game just to give you a good picture.

Good game start, bla bla bla i was laning bot with Hammer (i was playing Jera {SICK COMBO BTW} ) we were getting raped by some badass Salforis. Ew mid, no problems there, he was winning the lane anyways. The fun part was happening top (we were Hellbourne) where we had a Magmus and a Devo. Everyone got 6, some ganking attempts for our Ew bot just your ordinary scenario. At around lvl 14 things got bad. Devo and Magmus never left the lane, they just farmed and kept quite quiet. No hooks from Dev, no nothing. So the enemy team is pushing top tower (with a Valk, Zephyr, NH, Polly and Salforis) so we TP top. Me, ew and Hammer got owned by zephs perfectly landed multi. So Devo and Magmus chilling near the tower. NOTE: both magmus and devo had PK and BKB this point. Magmus creeps in the woods while they tried to push the tower with Devo as a decoy. Devo goes back a bit, Magmus ulties in the trees near the tower. This is where the fun starts. Devo goes PK into the whole bunch, BKBs and hooks Magmus while he was ultiing. Magmus BKB, Surge -> the whole bunch gets a massive stun. Devo Ulties valk who was trying to use the multi but didn't quite get the time (this whole thing happened in like 2 seconds). At this point 2 were down and Valk was dying due to devo's ulti. magmus last hits valk then pk's out. Devo pk's out too and hook zeph into the tower. At this point zeph was the only one alive.

I don't know if it makes quite a good sense but the picture of it was incredible. Hooking Magmus while he ulties into all 5 of them, clearing them out, getting safe behing the tower with Pk then hooking the last standing noob was too much for my puny brain to handle.

Sorry for the novel but i had to share this.

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# 2cyberpinoy Feb 22 2014, 06:33 AM
Good chemistry between players will do that. Knowing your teammates skills and abilities and when he will use which skill also helps. Being very quick minded plays a part to if your teammate is not sitting right next to you telling you what hes going to do. I see combos like this a lot where Witch Slayer will throw the graveyard, and all of us hit enemies, then pebbles will stun whoever is left from strike one, We hit all we can and kill 3, then Witch slayer will creaturize one and we kill it while pebbles slams the last one to his death.

I have seen single player tricks, like team fight 5 on 5 and Thunderbringer comes in hits skill 1, ulti, skill 2, and ulti and kills all 5 at once. he had to either know their Hitpoints or was watching closely to see who he had to cast that skill 2 on to make sure his second ulti would kill them all.

I have seen chronos ward Kongors pit and watch as the enemy kills him, blink in with the portal key, steal the token and time leap out with the token LMAO since he does not necessarily need the portal key i think he bought it for that purpose only.

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