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Anyone wanna duo? EU

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# 1Mannis Mar 21 2021, 00:04 AM
Been playing LoL for a while now, most of my LoL friends don't play anymore. If anyone is still around here, come add me smile.gif I'm a support main. Best elo has been Platinum, though I'm shocking this season...

Blood Drunken - EU Server

Much love <3


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# 2Feanor Mar 30 2021, 15:04 PM
Blood Drunken, what happened to Stannis?

Two support mains will make a formidable team.

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# 3Squaggle Apr 23 2021, 19:11 PM
Two support mains will make a formidable team.

All of my League friends are support mains too. I don't even know how it's happened considering when I was highest rank I'd climbed by maining support myself... We all seem to gravitate towards each other tongue.gif

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# 4A.Productions YT Jun 2 2021, 00:51 AM
I am, in fact, a support main. But I go bottom as well sometimes.

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