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Kanes Wrath

Artwork for everyone to use

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# 1AggressivePanda Jan 21 2020, 22:49 PM
During 2015-2017 on this site I was Kane's Wraths and Tiberium Wars artist and created many artworks over that time. I know GR still uses them and that Masterleaf/GZ has used them in their thumbnails so I just want to open source them for everyone to use. Just download them from this thread, I'd be nice if you said that I created them but that's not necessary.

Some of them may be pixelated, this is to meet GR.org's compression standards, despite this, I've included the highest quality versions I have available for use in your media. 61 pieces can be downloaded in the attached Zip file. Apologies for the file names, I just threw them in there tongue.gif

All the best.

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# 2zTipzee Jan 22 2020, 19:25 PM
can you make me a specific artwork? ill pay

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