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Command and Conquer 4

CNC4 Engine Essential Patch 1.05

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# 1Mjstral Jul 25 2021, 18:47 PM
After all the years I took the effort and made a engine patch for the community bringing some of the most demanded features:
  • 60 FPS with proper gamespeed (finally)
  • Unlimited Camera Zoom
  • Much higher unit and structure build limit (500 command and ability points)
  • Fix for lua command ExecuteAction (allowing modders to make new gamemodes/mechanics)

Usage: Copy the CNC4.game file to "Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight\Data\" and replace the file (make a backup before).
Works with any version (Steam/Origin).

There is a optional version without higher command/ability points as well if you want to stay vanilla here. You can get it (and other variants) on the discord linked below.

Sidenote: All of these changes and including support for all other SAGE games are also part of SageMetaTool engine extender (early access available for patreons).

Discussion/questions and updates: Sage Modding Discord

Enjoy !

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