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C&C Online 5 Year Aniversary

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# 1phantom9399 Jul 1 2019, 13:41 PM
Good Afternoon Commanders, Comrades and Generals.

The 30th of June 2014 is the date in which Revora alongside Gamereplays and other partners switched on the C&C Online servers for the first time pending the Gamespy shutdown. Since then, there have been a number of improvements to the service and major player growth in the majority of the supported games. Today, we are celebrating the 5th Anniversary on C&C Online by highlighting some of the major accomplishments on the server over the past 5 years.

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We at Gamereplays.org would like to thank the team over at Revora for providing us with these servers for the last 5 years. We would also like to thank the volunteers who have helped improve the servers over the years. We must also give a special shout out to Toxicshock for all the hours he has spent working on the server over the last 5 years. Most importantly we would like to thank the communities from the five supported games for using the C&C Online servers.

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# 2eXs.bikefan Jul 1 2019, 15:19 PM
Thanks fellas, from both GameReplays and Revora. Your work is appreciated.

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# 3cwedvin Jul 1 2019, 17:23 PM
congrats With 5 years, may many more years come.

thank you:

so mutch for letting me play red alert 3 online once again.

beeing able to join the great comunity at gamereplays.

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# 4Xtremizer Jul 1 2019, 19:36 PM
congrats, keep up the good work

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# 5dukejason Jul 1 2019, 20:22 PM
Great job Boys, Im actually jumping back in C&C and cant wait to try these servers. Revora has been around forever and helped to mold me into the map making pro i am today lol.

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# 6Leikeze Jul 1 2019, 20:57 PM
This isn't cross-referenced between all sections, but the news is no less fond to me.

A job well done so far, just need Quickmatch and things are complete. rolleyes.gif

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# 7RandomnessFt Jul 1 2019, 22:38 PM
Thank you for your work. Cnc games are still alive because of your server.

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# 8Inspector RaGe Jul 1 2019, 23:45 PM
Thanks to everyone and all the work you put in in keeping the online scene alive. See you all at the 10 year Anniversary. smile.gif

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# 9s2nz0 Jul 2 2019, 06:55 AM
Happy birthday cool2.gif

Let's start a dancing_banana.gif


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# 10SkyRex Jul 2 2019, 12:36 PM
Thank you guys for making me able to enjoy c&c with friends after the gamespy shutdown. Greatly appreciated.

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# 11-Romijn- Jul 5 2019, 09:09 AM
Great job guys and many thanks for the effort. It is awesome that we can still enjoy the C&C games online, despite the Gamespy shutdown. I hope that there will be many more years to come.

A warm shoutout to our friends at Revora as well. smile.gif

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