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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Check Your Mentor or Mentee

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# 1YodA` Dec 1 2017, 20:32 PM
Hello, sorry I am late wasn't able to do it yesturday. Anyway here you can check out your mentor and your mentees. There are 8 mentors and 15 mentees so almost all mentors will get 2 mentees. Lets get into it !!


[Hades]Xenos 8541684 Mentee
Lyng 8501158 Mentee


Poero 944315 Mentee
fierybull 8366213 Mentee


(USA)MoneyMike 4223597 Mentee
(bp) Mithrandir 8126410 Mentee


(bp)_alexshellnot' 7986954 Mentee
Wizardking 8773187 Mentee

Eol Scorpinio

Nikasso 8981375 Mentee
Null Master* 5173102 Mentee


Cosmousse 5537989 Mentee
charle 8386431 Mentee


Justhalima 8730000 Mentee


coldwind 9021407 Mentee
Geek 8836686 Mentee

Above you got your mentor in bold, please contact each other if possible and have fun smile.gif.

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# 2Xelenos Dec 1 2017, 22:52 PM
To all Mentor and Mentee, feel free to use the discord vocal chat and discord community to train together, there is enought space for everyone smile.gif

Join the BFME DISCORD COMMUNITY AT: https://discord.gg/gtsmRER

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