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CNC Red Alert Remastered

CnCNet: Ford QM build orders

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# 1-=bd=- Jun 16 2020, 17:06 PM
I've been watching a bunch of CnCnet: Ford's replays to see how he builds/plays. I've been making shitty MS paint copy/pastes that show the order and in the interest of everyone getting better have shared them out here:


An example that I wouldn't have thought of is an early tower push on Equal Opportunity:

<edit>I can't get the picture to show up so I just attached.

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# 2Leikeze Jun 16 2020, 17:08 PM
IPB Image

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# 3-Netput Jun 16 2020, 17:19 PM
Thank you, nice analysis.

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# 4Claymore92 Jun 16 2020, 18:40 PM
I love base creep.

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# 5Destructo Aug 29 2020, 14:38 PM
Nice xD that's an definitely one for the books!

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# 6XOUTH Aug 30 2020, 19:50 PM
QUOTE(Destructo @ Aug 29 2020, 16:38 PM) *
Nice xD that's an definitely one for the books!

Wow Trix. You're alive.

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