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CoH3 Flopped - Can CoH1 stand to benefit?

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# 1Swifto Mar 20 2023, 00:41 AM
Surprise surprise.... except not. I had a feeling this was going to be the case. A half-baked, expensive, joke of an early-release alpha state RTS worse than the original. Sad to say. I really would have enjoyed CoH1 remastered with a few tweaks and perhaps more unit options.

Oh well. Is it possible we can somehow use this to reinvigorate the coh1 community? Not that we are dying, if anything its the most resilient bunch of gamers I know. But I used this oppurtunity to leave a review on steam saying somethingsimilar to the 2nd sentence of this post and then adding a suggestion that the folks who love coh2 or RTS in general would be doing themselves a huge favor by downloading coh1 and playing it.

There was a bump in player numbers in the month leading up to coh3.


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# 2crazychris Mar 23 2023, 12:41 PM
Playerbase still fragmented between the 3 games.

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# 3Leikeze Mar 23 2023, 13:20 PM
Welcome to AoE situation.

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# 4miegorengwithprawns Mar 23 2023, 20:24 PM
QUOTE(crazychris @ Mar 23 2023, 22:41 PM) *

Playerbase still fragmented between the 3 games.

Not this player. Still paying COH1 1v1 online despite its final patch mega nerf to PE & buff to Brits imbalances.

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