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Colaboration seeking

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# 1pakystanec Jul 9 2022, 02:52 AM
Hello there Im creating maps for contra. Working on 009 full patch (and few lower parches).
Im all alone for it and its too much, so im looking for help (Creators, testers, etc.).
I look forward to applicants. smile.gif sincerely Pakystanec\mike
P.S. Downbelow is a little something Enjoy.

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# 2Feanor Jul 11 2022, 12:58 PM
Hello pakystanec and welcome to Gamereplays!

I've moved your post to the ZH Contra section so it gets relevant attention.

Have fun!

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# 3pakystanec Jul 11 2022, 15:31 PM
Thanks and sorry for missunderstanding.

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# 4Jundiyy Jul 25 2022, 00:01 AM
Are you part of the Contra discord group? There are many people there that can help you test. I've made some maps for Contra as well and so have some more people. So I'm sure you can find your help there.

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# 5pakystanec Jul 27 2022, 18:01 PM
Im not, social networks arent my strong side, but Ill look at it... Thanks for direction.

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