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Supreme Commander 2

Disabling Nuclear Meltdown for PC opponents.

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# 1Zachary1234 Jul 16 2015, 02:32 AM
-I know that Supreme Commander 2 has an Eject core capability which can be done to remove meltdown from ACUS. Does this carry over to support ACUs in the second game, if it has them?

-If I'm in a skirmish game against the computer in Supreme Commander 2, is there a way to disable the massive nuclear self destruct that the computer has on ACUS (or ACU support bots) as a pre game start option? IS there a non-cheat way to prevent opponent units going into meltdown, like the ACU, when it is destroyed? (I don't want to remove nuclear strikes, just auto destruction which is as severe as nuclear strikes). Is there any way to compel the computer player doing this in a skirmish game?

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# 2redarrow7216 Jul 26 2015, 16:24 PM

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