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Game Arrangements-Cash Bounty Tournament

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# 1Leikeze Jan 15 2019, 22:54 PM
Cash Bounty Tournament by {DD}Moqqy

IPB Image

Arrange your games here, or anywhere, via Discord if you'd like. Discord Group

Games are first come first serve, once players have figured out a good date to play, {DD}Moqqy/Leikeze will open a room in GameRanger, and the first four players to join will become a group.

Tournament Format


Good players only!
8/16 players to start.
If 16 Players: Four groups of 4 players will play a single game and the winner of each game will go on to the next and final round, in which the 4 remaining players battle it out for the win. That's it, no big rigmarole, just a simple tournament consisting of 5 special matches. If 8 Players: Two groups of 4 will play two games each to determine the winners, with a points system of 5 pts. for first, 3 pts. for second, and 1 pts. for last, then the final game will be played between the 4 players of the highest skill.
Random only.
GenTool 7.5+ with Upload mode turned on or you're Disqualified.
GameRanger only.
You must upload the game if you won.
Fair Play Rules, no scaffold abuse.
You must be a GameReplays.org registered member.
Banned people on GameReplays.org cannot participate.
Other details: Prize pool is $30, all payments via paypal, players must be able to write, speak and understand English, and no cursing or bad language when arranging games(this is for fun people!).
Games must be played on the map provided below. It is just original FE but Cash Bounty instead of supplies.
Because of the nature of Cash Bounty gameplay, quitting is not allowed, you must stay in until your last building is destroyed.

IPB Image
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# 2trve^viking Oct 13 2019, 14:44 PM
who won that tourney?

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