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# 1ToxicShock Apr 13 2017, 16:25 PM
Hello fellow gamers! Gamereplays have opened our own Discord server, with a channel for each of our active games and more.

Discord is a text and voice chat service designed specifically for gamers and gaming. It comes with Steam and Twitch integration and plenty of fun features to keep you amused between games. You can run Discord from a free app (recommended) or you can just use it from your web browser. If you have Google Chrome, you can even run the voice chat directly from there.

To accept an invite to our server, just click here;

IPB Image

You can be on the server and chatting in no time!

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# 2-Netput Apr 13 2017, 18:02 PM
Discord time! Join the fun people biggrin.gif

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# 3Leikeze Apr 29 2017, 19:47 PM
It actually worked very well for arranging games, too bad more players don't use it.

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