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Generals Classic Update 1 (or CCG 1.9)

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# 1ScOtSmAn May 15 2021, 21:22 PM
Hi Guys,

Generals classic Mod recreates CCG in Zero Hour engine, this fixes a number of bugs and provides a far better gaming experience overall.

The mod also adds a number of improved visual effects to the game and unlocks the massive Zero Hour map pool...

First - I have attempted to recreate CCG's balance by setting all the values to CCG levels.
Second - Attempted to further balance the game and improve the usefulness of some units that are usually overlooked.

This is a work in progress but it's ready to move into the test and development stage!

Here is all you need to get going..

Generals Classic Mod.
Link 2

The official ZH maps, Defcon etc that you can extract and add to your maps folder.

Attached File Maps_1_.rar
Size: 28.55mb
Number of downloads: 43

The updated ini. file (this is really important) extract and place it into your ZeroHour folder and replace the file when it prompts you.

Attached File _GenC_ini.rar
Size: 561.43k
Number of downloads: 43

Here is the changelog from CCG

CCG 1.9 Patch notes

Bug fixes

Removed Box trick
Removed Force fire
Removed Jarmen Kell bug
Toxin clean up bug attempted fix *(needs test)


- Quads damage increases with each scrap up.
- Quad health increase 250 from 220
- Tech Range increased from 120 to 125 (rocket scrap is 150)
- Scorp rocket and tank gun range increased from 150 to 155
- Marauder tank range increased 155 at level 2 and 160 at level 3
- Scud Launcher range increases by 10 for each rank
- Demo Trap secondary damage radius increased from 50-60
- Bomb Truck secondary damage radius increased from 85-100
- Scorp Rocket price reduced from 1000 to 700, research time 25 reduced from 30
- AP bullets, AP rockets, Junk repair all reduced from 2000 to 1500
- Buggy amo upgrade reduced from 1200 to 1000
- Tunnel range increased from 175 to 178
- Hijacker build time reduced from 10 to 5


- Raptor damage 100 to 105
- Stealths now have a clip of 4 apposed to 2
- Comanche machine Gun 10 to 11
- Sniper damage reduced from 100 to 50 (2 shots to kill hero)
- MD rocket range 175 reduced to 173
- Paladin Tank range increased 150 to 155
- Crusader Tank damage increase 60 to 62, range increased from 150 to 155
- Flashbangs research time reduced from 20 to 25, cost reduced from 800 to 700
- Laser-guided missile upgrade price reduced to 1400 from 1500
- Tank armor upgrade reduced price from 2000 to 1500
- remove ambo vehicle heal, buff inf heal 100%
- hold the line armor bonus 10% to 15%
- Crusader/pali speed increased from 30 to 35
- raptor/stealth/aurora no longer slow down when damaged (like mig)


- Gat tank damage 20 reduced to 19
- Battlemaster range increased from 150 to 155
- Machine gun added to battlemaster
- Inferno Cannon damage increased from 30 to 35
- Firestorm for inferno cannons fixed
- mine price reduced from 600 to 400
- Chain gun upgrade reduced from 1500 to 1000
- Battlemaster turret turn rate 120 to 130

important -

for online PvP... currently the game has to be played over lan(hamachii works great) pm me if you have any problems

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# 2-Leader- May 17 2021, 07:29 AM
Looks nice !

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# 3ScOtSmAn May 17 2021, 15:26 PM
Indeed! Fun to play ccg on the zh engine, runs really smooth and the box trick being gone is a big plus.

Just need to work out some balance stuff that need tweaking. Things like gats even tho damage has been lowered slowly and they can’t fire at full speed while moving(I think) they receive the horde bonus now so still really good as they’re basically at ccg level but with horde bonus lol.

But needs some good players to test so hopefully see some games soon! If anyone does get a chance to play post replays here and anything that stood out as needing a change!

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# 4BigDDesireN May 18 2021, 00:24 AM
How does usa ever beat China with no box trick.

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# 5ScOtSmAn May 18 2021, 05:33 AM
QUOTE(DesireN @ May 18 2021, 01:24 AM) *

How does usa ever beat China with no box trick.

USA has scan at start like ZH

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# 6-Prokilla' May 22 2021, 01:48 AM
Has anyone ever fixed the problem where you have to double & triple click on units and structures ?

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# 7ScOtSmAn May 22 2021, 05:49 AM
well if ZH fixed it then this will fix it also so yeah tongue.gif

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# 8-Prokilla' May 23 2021, 02:38 AM
QUOTE(ScOtSmAn @ May 21 2021, 21:49 PM) *

well if ZH fixed it then this will fix it also so yeah tongue.gif

That's cool. When an if i play again, i'd like you spam some old school ccg matches on armored fury & some old school no money's like the old days.
Been thinking lately & reminiscing about old times & old players like Malibu, Miami, Rolex, Grief, an alot of other's.
I totally miss ccg & we all have our own memories on this game.

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