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Bad Company 2

Got it, very good game.

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# 1RoCkStAr2 Oct 25 2011, 19:40 PM
Got rank 5 since a week, got it on my 21th birthday at 15.10. Game is very fun, although not easy. Im happy it is active, but still do not get idea why car wrecks are indestructible. Playing engineer , kinda fun you get exp for every single character.

However, ive met already few cheaters, who had 98/0 ratio past 5 minutes. Aim bot etc..

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# 2Locutus Oct 26 2011, 20:58 PM
Looks like this section died out with the release of BF3 but never fear, I am here. laugh.gif

Yea the cheating continues, shameful. BC2 is still a great game though, lot's of fun, I still play on occasion so maybe we can get some action some day soon. I spend more time on my CoD4 server but I'm always up for some clean BC2 fun.

I'm not moving on to BF3, even though half my clan has, I'm not interested right now for many reasons but I won't bash the game here, it has promise once they work out the kinks and lower the price.

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