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Governmental Restrictions on Chinese Gamers

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# 1Flopjack Jan 19 2009, 16:14 PM
Zhang Yijun, director of the General Administration of Press and Publication's technology and digital publication department, stated that due to a recent decision by the Chinese government, gamers who are playing a game online where they are allowed to create a user name are not longer allowed to do so. Instead, each gamer must register their account or character under their real name and play under it. The law is planned to take effect this year.

It doesn't end here either. Governmental forces in Beijing also are imposing time limits to try and stem the possibility of addicted behavior of popular massive multiplayer online games such as World of WarCraft and Lineage II. With more than 20 million Chinese online players, the government is going to attempt to tend the issue by limiting play time down to only three hours at a time. If players attempt to go over this limit of three hours, their characters will only earn half their experience. This way, Chinese players will have reduced experience in their MMO games if they exceed just three hours of play. If they play past a five hour mark they will gain no experience at all. Players will be then forced to take a five hour break before being allowed to return to their game. "The timing mechanism can prevent young people from becoming addicted to online games," says Xiaowei Kou, of the General Administration of Press and Publication or GAPP (an organization which monitors Chinese online gaming).

Apparently all major gaming companies of China agreed to the terms and are "willing to sacrifice short-term revenues to create a healthy environment for online gamers". The list of the games in which these drastic measures are being put in place for includes Blizzard's hit MMORPG World of WarCraft and its respective expansion packs, which has a player base of over 1.5 million gamers in China alone. Other games that are included in the restrictions will be The Legend of Mir II, The Legend of Mir 3G, Lineage II, Westward Journey Online, Fantasy Westward Journey Online, MU, JX Online, First Myth Online, The World of Legend, and Blade Online.

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# 2Smart Jan 19 2009, 16:23 PM
Abuse of government! Revolution!

No but seriously... i understand WoW, but does this target FPS games too?

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# 3Flopjack Jan 19 2009, 17:04 PM
I'm not entirely sure, but I wouldn't put it past them. Whatever their "anti-addicting technology" is I think it has to do with a certain level of immersion, if you will, that the game has. How you determine something like that I have no idea... other than statistics perhaps. It's all nuts to me.

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# 4Feynmaniac Jan 19 2009, 17:15 PM

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# 5Forlong Jan 19 2009, 18:03 PM
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

How are they planning on altering WoW for only Chinese games?

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# 6TimFortres Jan 19 2009, 18:07 PM
Chinese should give their youth alternatives, not restrictions.

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# 7zim57398 Jan 19 2009, 18:20 PM
QUOTE(TimFortres @ Jan 19 2009, 10:07 AM) *

Chinese should give their youth alternatives, not restrictions.

We all know they don't do things that way. post-13661-1143531603.gif

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# 8Ninjabutter Jan 19 2009, 18:56 PM
That's... just... wow. I don't even know what that is.

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# 9Cowbuttzex Jan 19 2009, 19:06 PM
LOL laugh.gif

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# 10ZombieRommel Jan 19 2009, 19:13 PM
Fuck communism. That's the moral of the story here. With this restriction, the government in China is essentially a nanny.

"You can't think for yourself, so we have to do it for you."

A very condescending and invasive restriction.

Glad I live in the USA.

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# 11Blinky Jan 19 2009, 19:19 PM
China is barely communist.

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# 12SlGrim Jan 19 2009, 19:35 PM

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# 13.eins Jan 19 2009, 19:55 PM

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# 14Devious Brute Jan 19 2009, 20:31 PM
How about instead of making law to take a break form video games, we just watch, and take care of the youth. You know good parenting, or mabey thats to hard.

P.S. That isn't communism, thats totalitarianism. Communism is just sharing wealth and doing whats better for the whole, it isn't fucking game reastrictions. Restricting something like this is what you see in dictator ships.

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# 15Fr1est Jan 19 2009, 20:45 PM
Not restricting WAR


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# 16Guardian Jan 19 2009, 20:46 PM
No but really this is china moving away from communism thum.gif

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# 17Brother Pedro Jan 19 2009, 21:45 PM
I thought this is in effect for a long time already..? Most, if not all the listed games are already modified (if the game developers doesn't comply, they get kick out of the market).

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# 18Taikis Jan 19 2009, 21:55 PM
I guess using real names in the internets helps the government 'locate' certain personnel.

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# 19Emissary Jan 19 2009, 22:05 PM
I wonder how many MMORPG gamers are in China?

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# 20Warhawk Jan 19 2009, 22:32 PM
QUOTE(Blinkyblob @ Jan 19 2009, 19:19 PM) *

China is barely communist.

This is true economicly.

But there is no denying that it is a repressive regime.

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