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Groundhog Brawl Tournament Results/Feedback Thread!

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# 1FUzziBabes Aug 1 2020, 16:33 PM
Thank you very much to all the players who participated today and all those who watched! Was a lot of fun! Results were as follows:

1st - Crexis
2nd - Khyira
3rd - Sai
4th - JackoDerp
5th-8th - Everyone else laugh.gif

I'll dish out prizes once I have people's paypals so if you want your prize you best send me it otherwise I'll keep it and put it on the next tournament prize pool and you'll have to try again to win it wink.gif

I am eager to hear feedback about everything to do with the tournament, be it maps, rules, format etc etc so please share your thoughts (In a constructive manner, I have no issue with abusing mod powers to quiet trolls wink.gif )

But seriously, I'd like to hear what people thought and what not!

Thanks again to FionaSarah and Khyira for sponsoring the tournament along with myself to have such a chunky prize and I look forward to doing the next one!

Brackets: https://challonge.com/ntzr80kn
Stream VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/697157325

Also as a note, if you enjoy this tournament and are interested in sponsoring the next one then please feel free to get in touch either by PM on here or finding me in the gamereplays discord smile.gif

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Game: CNC Tiberian Dawn Remastered

# 2FUzziBabes Aug 1 2020, 16:38 PM
Notes I know of:
-Sort audio before the tournament starts
-Four corners can do one
-I can't start uprooting all the rules/maps until I know what the patch will change so watch this space about that

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Game: CNC Tiberian Dawn Remastered

# 3TacitusCat Aug 1 2020, 17:49 PM
I had fun watching the tournament, here's my feedback about the stream/maps/etc.

I think the stream could use a headliner that shows playernames/factions/colors and current score.

Out of the current mappool I think Monkey in the Middle and Green Acres have best games and are most balanced, as you noted Four Corners is pretty abysmal despite leading to some creative cheese occasionally. Frosted Hostilities was pretty nice.

Having a channel bot that posts link to brackets for command might prove useful, though just dropping it when people asks with current viewerpool is probably simple enough.

I think banning Force-Fire bug and APC Engi was the right call.

Hope to see more tournaments in the future.

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# 4FUzziBabes Aug 2 2020, 12:00 PM
Yeah I like the idea of having some kind of overlay, I think the colours isn't specifically required but I did have the names and scores ready but perhaps thsi is something I can do in the future.

Yeah four corners is pretty crap and several players aired their distaste of the map so four corners will definitely be out for the next one.

I can definitely look into getting a bot and setting some commands up, sure it can't be too hard to set up.

Yeah I am hoping by the next tournament that they will have made the changes to APCs/Force firing so that those rules aren't required.

Thanks for your feedback smile.gif

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