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Halo Wars 2: Awakening The Nightmare

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# 1FallenXE Aug 26 2017, 14:17 PM
For those who are into Halo Wars 2, the folks over at 343 Industries had announced over the past few months new content for the game.

To begin with, we have the Serina Leader Pack. As those familiar with the original game can recall, Serina was the onboard AI for the UNSC Spirit Of Fire. By the time of the sequel she has already shut herself down in accordance with UNSC AI rampancy protocols. She brings a whole new set of leader powers and units that are all based around freezing abilities.

Serina also comes with the new Chill / Freeze / Shatter mechanics.

  1. Chill: Chilled units will become slower and have their damage reduced. They will eventually return to normal should they not be subjected to further frost attacks.

  2. Freeze: There will be a bar under the unit's health bar that will indicate how much of chill effect it has been subjected to. Once it has been maxed the unit will become frozen and will be unable to do anything. Similarly, a pause in being attacked by freezing attacks / powers would cause it to thaw out. However, a frozen unit will not sustain damage if it is attacked which brings us to our next point.

  3. Shatter: Again there will be another bar to indicate how "frozen" a unit is. Should it be subjected to too much attacks, the unit will then undergo the shatter effect which is a large hit to their hit-points.

The Serina Leader Pack is available on the Microsoft Store as an add-on for USD $5.99

Next up, we have Operation: Spearbreaker which is a campaign mission add-on for the game. Without spoiling much, Spearbreaker will be focused on a group of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs), Sunray 1-1, led by Major Vaughan and their role against the Banished in the ongoing conflict. This two-mission add-on takes place after the conclusion of the main campaign. Operation: Spearbreaker is similarly available in the Store for USD $5.99. Alternatively, you can get both Spearbreaker and Serina in a bundle for USD$ 9.99.

Operation Spearbreaker and the Serina Leader Pack

We now come to the main part of this article, the Awakening The Night expansion announcement.

This expansion carries on after the end of the main campaign of the game and see the player as the Banished against the returning Flood. The expansion will include a new cooperative mode called Terminus Firefight in which three players amass armies to defend both their bases, and their Forerunner terminus node against an ever-increasing and intensifying hoard of attacking enemies.

The Awakening The Night expansion will be available on September 26 for USD $19.99.

Awakening The Night

Are you looking forward to all these new content for Halo Wars 2? Do tell us your thoughts below!

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