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StarCraft 2

Hi, question about the multiplayer

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# 1OmerMak Apr 12 2018, 13:57 PM
Hey guys biggrin.gif

So i'm kinda new to Starcraft 2 [Been playing starcraft 1 since i was maybe 9 biggrin.gif ]
Anyway, i'm currently F2P on Starcraft 2, my question is if i buy the standard/deluxe edition, what will be the major change? there will be a change in multiplayer? or its only campaign thing?

I need to buy the DLC's as well?

**BTW, I don't play the campaign, at all..**

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help smile.gif

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# 2JimRaynor May 13 2018, 19:58 PM
you get to play to SC2 Campaign if you spend money. you also get to instantly play ranked multiplayer ladder.

if spend $0 you have to play 10 1v1 games to get into the ranked multiplayer ladder.

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