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Heroes of Newerth

How's everyone doing?

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# 1MiniDonbeE Apr 25 2014, 05:54 AM
Wut up? How's everyone been, these forums have been dead for like two years now, it's sad, I had so much fun... anyways how's everyone and what are you lot doing?

For me, I used to be in highschool, now finishing second year of university, I was 1720+ish mmr, now i've 2 accounts over 1900, the old one with 53% win 1903, the other one with 58%win 1911, and like a week ago I had a pure soloqueue 1808 90%winrate acc... now it's 1827 and like 73 % win, i got chucked into the trash with the whole latin american hon thing but whatever, I'm thinking of playing international hon again, I just gotta figure out how to ninja myself in, I'll probably ask a couple of my brazilian friends how they do it so that I can do it too...

Anyways, I just wanted to check on you guys and see how you were doing tongue.gif I miss the old match coverage, honestly it was better than honcast by far, but then it suddenly died off, also the discussions were fun biggrin.gif..... and thanks to this forum if you google my username you could pretty much find out who I am..... that's kind of scary.

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