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# 1Mabus2022 Feb 8 2022, 02:00 AM
Hi all,

I have the Rules.ini file necessary to mod C&C Red Alert Remastered and have put it in the correct directory, but it does not seem to work in game.

I've read that the same Rules.ini that works on the original RA1 game should work on Remastered. However, Remastered doesn't seem to recognise the mod at all.

Has anyone else managed to get their Rules.ini mods working in C&C Remastered? If so, how did you achieve this?

UPDATE: I have since resolved this issue. As it turns out, simply clicking and dragging the Rules.ini file into the Red Alert Remastered directory did the trick. There were other more convoluted instructions out there that failed to work, but the simple click and drag seems to work.

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