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Red Alert 3

How to play campaign as Second player?

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# 1alexfmos May 17 2020, 10:41 AM
I play campaign RA3 sometimes, may be one time in one year. But i never play as second player. In co-op it's possible, but with computer it's not. Is there any way to play campaign with computer as second player?

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# 2GBHmichael May 17 2020, 11:48 AM
No. You can only play as player 2 with a co-op teammate as player 1.

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# 3cwedvin May 17 2020, 21:11 PM
^as gbh said above. the only way to play as the "green" co-Commander is to have a guy invite you.

so sett up and Connect to Our servers and ask if some one wants to play co-op

smile.gif if you want we can play but not right now.

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