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Dawn of War 2

How would you describe each faction's style?

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# 1FOZ Jan 30 2009, 00:24 AM
I don't get what each faction is about.
Tyranids seem to be just about swarming everything, but what is there past that?
Space Marines seem to be a bit all-around, don't actually have any idea.
Eldar seems focused on unit abilities.
Orks seem pretty straight-forward too.

I'm looking for something from people who really know what they're talking about, not just a summary article unless that article fits the other thing I just said.

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# 2Anik3tos Jan 30 2009, 00:43 AM
Tyranids = Blob
Marines = Abuse
Eldar = Button bash
Orks = Spam

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# 3Tsear Jan 30 2009, 00:56 AM
Nids have lots of units, but they don't just blob around the place. You have to make sure you use your commander effectively (each of which changes your playstyle dramatically) and manage synapse bonuses efficiently.

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# 4lordoftoast Jan 30 2009, 01:15 AM
Spam! Da only thing Orkz have to do with spam iz eatin' but we prefer fightin' anyway.

Orks hav takticz. Dey just more praktical den dem panzee elfs and shiny beakies.

Dey is shootin use with more Dakka! Chukka few stikk bombs. Simpul! Dey is trying to be more fighty dan us? You aint usin' the right end of yer choppa' you git!

If dem tactics don't work (I don't know why dey wouldn't you being lazy or somfink?)

Then shout WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHH and charge cuz Orkz iz made for Fightin' and Winnin' (and lootin')

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# 5Avison Jan 30 2009, 03:53 AM
"lordoftoast", that was beautiful.

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# 6Comrade One Jan 30 2009, 04:04 AM
QUOTE(Anik3tos @ Jan 29 2009, 17:43 PM) *

Tyranids = Blob
Marines = Abuse
Eldar = Button bash
Orks = Spam

lol QFT

altho our Ork poster was clearly doing a good job also by staying in character laugh.gif
1052 ... ...

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# 7Deagle^ Jan 30 2009, 09:57 AM
I agree with Ani, although I'd say Orkz are spam + blob.

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# 8Necrosjef Jan 30 2009, 13:08 PM
SM are really about unit choice and if you decide to buy the imba units or not, if you do then you got a better chance of winning.

Orks are just about spam, you can build anything and if you got good hero micro then the game is yours really, orks can really out produce other races just by sheer numbers of stuff from all directions.

Eldar are about being lucky, if your unlucky don't play eldar, you kind of need your opponent to make a mistake then counter attack, if your opponents plays really well or you miss the mistake then your screwed.

Nids are shit, anyone who knows what they are doing should win against nids. They seem to have better heros but they have a shit selection of troops, seem to me would be alot better in team games where you got a chance to tech a bit and be "untouched" then really bring the pain with t3 units and upgraded hero etc. 1v1 nids just suffer because early game they suck and even if you last to t3 you lose the resource game against superior units.

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# 9durecellrabbit Jan 30 2009, 13:33 PM
Orks are like playing the US but rifles get fireup.

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# 10lordoftoast Jan 30 2009, 14:33 PM
QUOTE(durecellrabbit @ Jan 30 2009, 13:33 PM) *

Orks are like playing the US but rifles get fireup.

QFT. Orks do seem the most USA style out of all the races in DoW2. I think its because Shoota's have BAR upgrades wink.gif.

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# 11933552688 Jan 30 2009, 19:25 PM
what's the hardest to play + weakest faction? Anyone have any opinion in this mather. Would love to see what people think as based on experience as well as fellings smile.gif

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# 12Faze Jan 30 2009, 20:53 PM
I think Eldar brings a lot of mobility to the game; Space Marines seem to be the few and elite; Nidz are the weak and the many and as for Orkz... well they seem to be a little bit of everything tongue.gif I think what's nice about each faction is you still have a choice of play style, due to the variety of games and distinct unit diversity.

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# 13ZombieRommel Jan 30 2009, 20:59 PM
Nice thread, FOZ. I thought of making one on this exact topic myself, so I will indulge you with my early (60 or so games played) impressions of the races.

Space Marines

-The Brits without emplacement spam
-A dash of Wehrmacht thrown in for good measure (T1 Heavy Bolter which is able to garrison buildings, cloaked assault squads)
-Strong, durable squads
-Expensive, with high reinforce cost

Summary thoughts: The squads are strong, but losing one can really put you in a hole. Has all the basic elements of a "real army" aside from artillery, and are the most self-explanatory on how to use -- hence their abundance in automatch. But just because they are easy to grasp does not necessarily mean that they are easy to master. I have a feeling that chasing down retreating squads and finishing off that "last man" will be very important when facing off against Space Marines, as will outnumbering them since their default squads can go toe to toe with other races "default squads" and win almost every time.


-Clearly delineated and readily available T1 melee and range squads
-Heavily reliant on squad upgrades and abilities (such as Waaagh)
-Must wait until T2 to access dedicated suppression unit (unless you're using Mekboy)
-Shoota squads have what is essentially a BAR upgrade that increases damage and allows for suppression (nice job pointing that out, LordOfToast)

Summary thoughts: Fairly straightforward introductory race. It's easy to figure out how to use Shoota and Slugga squads... eg entangle with melee, sit back and chip with ranged. But as I said, Orks are very dependent on upgrades --- Nob leaders, weapon upgrades, and of course, Waaagh. Some units also use unconventional tactics -- I'm thinking mainly of Rokkit Boys and their suicide bomber, the Kommando Nob and his ability to drop a grenade on death, Kommandos using ambush, and Tankbustas turning their AT weapons into indirect artillery. If I had to sum them up in a sentence, I'd say Orks are a straightforward race laced with lots of little kinks and wrenches in the machinery to keep opponents off balance and are best able to dominate when they tactically coordinate combined arms assaults and stack Waaagh. But it's not as easy as just "Spam and attack" because by themselves, they aren't that strong... not nearly as strong individually as say, Space Marines.


-Readily available T1 suppression unit
-Weak mainline infantry who rely on cover and upgrades to stay relevant (can we say "Volksgrenadiers"? They even have a plasma shield that amounts to building sandbags)
-Easily the most mobile race. Fleet of Foot on almost every unit + Webways + Teleportation
-Crazy powerful end-game

Summary thoughts: To me, these guys play out the most like Wehrmacht. I already talked about how Guardians are weak and need cover and upgrades to survive. They also need to use the Shuriken Platform like an MG42 in my experience. That is... bait units to attack Guardians, then hit Fleet of Foot and bait the attacking enemy straight into the platform's cone of fire (the upcoming nerf to suppression unit range worries me). The Avatar is tantamount to the King Tiger or Jagdpanther except this unit actually costs money (lol). Final thoughts on these guys? Wehrmacht gameplay mechanics, but not as much focus on defense (nothing to really equate to flak 88s or bunkers, and can't put suppression unit in buildings)... bigger focus on mobility a la PE.


FOREWORD: I have played this race the least, so my comments may be off base at this point.

-Lack of combined arms discouraged strongly
-"Unexpected attack" disruptions such as burrowed units rising to the surface causing knockback and units popping out of tunnels
-High potential to cause sudden individual unit lethality (spore mines & flesh hooks)

-Need coordinated arms. Whereas Space Marine Scout squads can pull off a successful guerrilla ambush by themselves... or an Assault Marine squad can jump in, do some damage, then jump out and play these little lone-unit harassment games, Tyranids are all about teamwork. Synapse is the biggest testament to this and the fact that their cheapest T1 unit (the little roach-looking things) apparently serve the sole purpose of entangling enemy forces, doing very little damage by themselves. You're likely to see Tyranid forces moving in concentrated clumps (in contrast to Space Marines and Eldar), doing as much damage as they safely can, and then evading. Suppression units tend to give this race a lot of trouble in my experience. So they need to tactically flank and use abilities (like pounce, flesh hooks, burrow) to unconventionally unseat stronger, entrenched forces.

So far, all the races appear to be viable and it's hard to create a balance hierarchy, which is a good thing, as it means that there is nothing too glaringly overpowered going on. But lots of units in the game are suffering from Nebelwerfer Syndrome, and by this I mean that they are so underpowered that there is no reason to make them: Examples : Falcon, Rangers, Scout snipers, Warp Spiders (arguably), Kommandos (arguably). Once these units are beefed up, the metagame may change considerably, but so far I think Relic has done a good job at giving each race a unique identity while keeping them all fairly balanced.

Super concise:

If you like mobility, go Eldar.

If you like power and unit survivability, go Space Marines.

If like flow disruption and aggression, go Ork.

If you like unconventional warfare, go Tyranid.


BTW, the Commander units function very much like doctrines in that they can drastically alter your playstyle. An Eldar Farseer player will probably be setting up traps, baiting units, debuffing the enemy, and buffing his own units. An Eldar Warp Spider Exarch Player will instead (as we have seen in 12azor's replays) probably focus on quick-strike assassinations. Force Commander becomes a meat-shield distraction for SM whereas the Techmarine can be an almost invisible annoyance whose presence is indirectly felt by his pesky turrets and mines.

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# 14933552688 Jan 30 2009, 21:51 PM
Tyranids yay tongue.gif

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# 15Kupoceptor Jan 30 2009, 22:13 PM
I find this to be a pretty good illustration of the difference between nids and smurfs, (except for the fact that nids usually wins.)

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