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# 1Johann Tilly Dec 24 2018, 21:55 PM
Maybe a post and thinking of this have already been posted an answered in the past on this site but it really matters to me to share this with the expierenced community here:

The thing is: The original bmfe2 and rotwk games only have 4 old and outdated resolutions. Was 1280x960 the most modern resolution in 2006??

So much good rts games from the 2000`s suffer from techniqual limitations.

Why there are only these 4 shitty resolutions in graphics menu BUT/WHILE you can easily set up a higher and better resolution in the options.ini data..(1920x1080) O.o So why its not mentioned in the manual or in the graphics menu? And the game is also able to display this resolution. I use also the "__rotwk-widescreen.big" named file from https://www.the3rdage.net/item-717?addview , which changes the interface from 4:3 in 16:9.

Also many many great rts games like even the original dow SS from 2008 or bfme series suffer in their originally Form from stupid low zoom out, which makes the game less enjoyable and playable to modern standards and back then also.

Dont developers get, that high zoom out is essential to enjoy an rts and play it good? >.<

I mean there is/was back then the possibility to give the game and the players a high camera zoom out IN THE WORLDBUILDER YOU CAN SET UP THE HIGHER CAMERA ZOOM. But you need to do this yourself because the normal game doesnt have/give you options for zoom out and also dont mention it in the manual.

AND: A year ago 2005 Age of Empires 3 has SHOWN what a good high zoom out have to be there and look like right from the start in their aoe 3. In Age 3 you can set up a solid nice zoom out in the ingame options. But EALA didnt adapted it for the players so that they can enable that in the game options themselves, without doing tons of staff in unknown word builder. <.<

So the question is: Why these 2 important game basical aspects were done so bad in the released normal 2 2006 games.
- Did the developers didnt care? It seems these terrible 2 limitations were understandable/justified there because/from the techniqual situation and reality of the first game which was released 2004.

But they all dragged/left/keept it through the two following games, instead of fix it. <.<

-I am not know so informed about the hardware situation of 2004-2007 because I was too young at that time, but did the developers didnt fix my two explained issues because too much players of the masses out players there back then couldnt run the game with a higher zoom (600 Zoom out which I have) out and higher resolution, because there machines have trouble to run it. (But today the computers can handle it easy.) Was that the reason? EA also left not enough time to patch because the developers also had to made Kanes wrath after rotwk which is a shame.

I have also the feeling the bfme games werent so intense supported with the spoken techniqual improvements and patches a good rts needs, BECAUSE the game is and was a TIME LIMITED SELLING BRAND UNLIKE the C&C Franchise/Brand, because of the buyed lotr license, which expired in 2010 and the games stopped to be a cash revenue for EA. Because of this EA thought: " Lets make a second game, grab hype from the movies and then let it as it is.)"
Thats also a kind of tragical aspect, which were a hinderance for the game to be properly worth for EA to invest the manpower and time patch it properly. Instead they let it do others (bfme2) or at Rotwk they only done 1 patch and left it then be.

I am so glad, that there are and there is a possibility to zoom out and get 16:9 support. I would have left/quit the game long ago if there werent possibiltys to fix the basic garbage techniqual quality the game naturally has.
I enjoyed tons of games with fucking 600 zoom out in 1920x1080 LIKE YOU SAW IN MY REPLAY VIDEOS WHICH I POSTED IN THE VIDEO SECTION HERE. And in 2.01 I also didnt had lag because of this. The game runs smooth and it looks like what it should have been looked at the start.

They improved the graphics (water, textures etc) itself but not zoom out and resolution. post-13661-1143531603.gif
If EA would have given a bit more time for development they should/could have done it.

Tons of stupid german lpers on youtube Lets Play this game in the old garbage resolution and ofc WITHOUT ZOOM OUT and like noobs, (no stances, cashfloating, not hotkeys) Because of this viewers think the game only can look like 1280x960 and shit zoom out, which is ofc not the case and it its a disgrace for this game.

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# 2Mako Dec 25 2018, 13:22 PM
Shit happens. I agree

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