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CNC Tiberian Dawn Remastered

Ion Cannon Prototype. New Single Player Mission.

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# 1Incia Jul 19 2021, 17:05 PM
ION Cannon Prototype

Originally wanted to do a mission where you practice grenadier micro. You are low tech level and only have a Barracks, so you only have minigunner, grenadier, rocket soldier and engineers.
You start with a damaged base with guard towers. You also have a few vehicles, APC, MRLS and a few Humvees, so use them wisely and repair often.

PS: Enemy AI basically only attacks with flamethrower units which have proven to be very very deadly :| (and some artillery)

If you ever played online you will know how important the gren micro is versus flamethrowers.

PPS: You do have an Ion cannon which will make the mission a bit more fun smile.gif snipe a flame tank? Or obelisk?

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