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Battle for Middle Earth

Is it possible to use the original factions' colors in skirmish?

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# 1Deadjayrom Feb 28 2019, 14:41 PM
Hi there,

I've been re-playing BFME for a few days now and have always wondered if it was possible not to have any colors on the armies when playing in skirmish mode? I would just like the units to appear as they do in the campaign. Is it possible?

Also do you believe it is possible for the dead bodies to stay longer on the battlefield rather than disseapearing within seconds?

Thnaks in advances guys smile.gif

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# 2ShaNks* Feb 28 2019, 15:56 PM
Hello , this is not possible.
You can give ur enemies also color's in skirmishes, choose the color red if you want to.

The bodies of enemies dissappear really fast, there is no way to change that.

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# 3Pallando Mar 1 2019, 09:45 AM
There are mods that do that. Alternatively you can quickly write your own mod to achieve that. However, by doing that you will lose compatibility to other players if you want to play online.

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