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# 1Stryker2k1 Oct 20 2019, 08:38 AM
Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars has a trainer. And it works wonders.

My question is, why doesn't Kane's Wrath have one that works too?

I like to give structures, usually neutral one's God Mode, or Invincibility.

But Kane's Wrath doesn't have a trainer with god mode.... Does anyone know if they can make one with invincibility or god mode?

I mean.... If Cnc Tiberium Wars has one... it should be doable on Kane's wrath?

I just thought i'd ask... don't know if anyone will see or reply but... i would definitely like to see one that works for Kane's Wrath..

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# 2Claymore92 Oct 20 2019, 09:45 AM
Trainers are not a good thing. They reduce the skill ceiling even if used on neutral structures only.

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# 3cwedvin Oct 20 2019, 10:31 AM
if you use the map editor and make Your own map, you can sett the hp so high that is basicly. invincibility

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# 4Leikeze Oct 20 2019, 13:07 PM
As stated above, trainers lower the skill ceiling, and you can always use the map editor to produce these effects.

There are working trainers for Kane's Wrath, however, you must understand that a trainer will cause a mismatch if you use it outside of the Skirmish/Campaign mode.

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# 5phantom9399 Oct 20 2019, 13:37 PM
We are unable to help you with a trainer for either games as they are not supported since they can be used to cheat in games. Trainer's come under the "hacks" category and if players are caught using them on C&C Online they will face an instant suspension from the services (and a suspension here).

As said below you can set buildings to invulnerable using the world builder. I'd recommend doing that instead of using a trainer as there is less chance of a virus getting onto your pc either.

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