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Red Alert 3


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# 1Inspector RaGe May 9 2020, 17:34 PM
Because why not? tongue.gif

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See you tomorrow, MAY 10th at 14:00 GMT for some 3v3 games on magma in tournaments lobby 1. Anyone can participate and there are no prizes, so this is just for fun.

Staff will be present to try and make sure teams are balanced as much as possible like always.

Feel free to let us know here if you're interested, so we know what to expect.

I'll be there!
  1. Bashley
  2. Chris
  3. Edvin

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# 2Bashley May 9 2020, 17:41 PM
I'm really a professional procrastinator, i can't resist good 3v3s :^)

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# 3Constable Chris May 9 2020, 18:21 PM
Because why not biggrin.gif

I like your style rage tongue.gif I'm in.

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# 4cwedvin May 9 2020, 18:22 PM
ill try to show up smile.gif

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