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# 1Alquest May 15 2018, 11:54 AM
I've been wanting to share some maps for a while now, as I get sometimes asked for them and I think most of them are hard to find nowadays. (extract to //users/../application data\red alert3\maps..)

For the new ppl: Yes, ra3 had a rather active mapmaking population. And during the years certain skills emerged in order to overcome AI on TD (Tower Defence) and AOD (ArtofDefence) maps. Drones force-fire with kirov, bulls walled in at factory site, usage of magnet sat to kill waves of waves, etc etc. Also, maps evolved, bugs were removed or other just more enemies added. There are just some maps that require 4-6 ppl to fully understand the map, like understanding when how much AA is needed, while u keep building other things.

For the pro's..well u probaly played them all at a time i quess

I will make a more or less desciption per map as it helps if u know some thing on forehand. Increases the fun.

I have make 4 files, which contain a 4-6 maps of that type. Tower Defence, 3v3, Brainfreez and Custom.

TD.rar (use empire as ai as it does not destroy ur tesla's...)
1. Paradise Defense: The map is too easy by any standard. Drones and kirov, and all AA. But for beginners, a great place to start. Where else can you just build some kirovs and then 20 migs and choppers to have fun for 30 minutes? Helps to practice some micro.

2. TD island pro: Yeah, well, this one is different.. u get loads and loads of cash and u need to spend it. Trick actually pretty simple, get 2 wf after ref, and start making MCV while getting cranes. make a crane farm by building 6 mcv or so. Get to 50 buildque's and build 50 tesla so u get bonus money. Build 50 more and get more bonus monet b4 the towers are even finished. In the meanwhile, get 100 migs wink.gif then 200 then 300

3. TD Deathler: Should no1. TD of td's. Numbero Uno, just great. U will fail.

4. TD deroder: Great mapmaker, great guy.. that chopper...omg that chopper..lower loop ALL FLAK, and then more.

1. Black Fortress: Plain 3v3 Why not?
2. II of konseigas-sensei: That looks familiar
3. Nunspeetby v-Tokeren: Great mapmaker great ffa map, empire AI works magic here
3. think_big,_start small, grow fast: great ffa and a compstomp map. Oleg is truly scary here. U can a very nice 2v(2v2) ai, by placing you and yr mate on bottom left while placing t3 on the top right and divide ai team 2 on the remaining spots. Try 3v3 with 3 oleg on 40k brutal for a experiment.


BF is all about micro. U need to d move, u need to work together etc. U need to stay alive, there almost never a time restraint so just ask. Or something. Dont just walk towards things. On these there are all heroes, except the last one i think. remember to put random boxes on. A spy needs money afterall, and healing now and then is nice. Also, choose empire as ai. DO NOT USE SOVIET/ALLIED AS AI. Poison/freez/precision bomber will kill infantry and that's mostly what u have all game.
BF 1.2
BF Commando's
BF mod by Joker
BF UE 1.3
BF Long walkthrough

1. 2p coop def: Just 2 players versus ai on a heavily scripted map. Find someone who like to puzzle.
coop def by reefer:Just 2 players versus ai on a heavily scripted map. Find someone who like to puzzle.

2. HZ-defence: This one is cool. 4 players to lock 3 sea entrances while getting 15 cryo, 25 choppers, 25 migs for the first waves, get 75-100 migs and 50 cryo ongoing and keep them alive! Nice flying over sea, using a vac on incoming hydro's. Ironing yr own hydro's to sail under incoming waves of kirovs so their bombs kill their dolfins, who doesnt want that? Capture docks and build mcv. Dont just take docks, discuss b4 pls. Use a beacon, and REMOVE it afterwards. (select as unit, press del)

Operation Strikeforce. For the micro addicts! place 3 ai on bottom spots and .. top is empire, middle is allied and bottom free spot is soviet. U dont need to loose a single unit! Thats's it. Dont loose a unit. Yuri is pretty easy with the angels, but keep angels alive. Tanya is a bit tricker but just f the pk's. And u have a engi to heal. Then infantry laser lock. Disguise yr spies wink.gif Lowest human spot is Natas, which is trickiest. Get Natas last in bunker! She shoot, and counter attack immidiately. U want everyone in bunkers. After assault, get natas out bunker, shoot tany once, and run back to behind bunkers. Have a tesla trooper in bunker kill her. He elite now. Get all out en move to tanks... well.. the elite teslatrooper can take 2 mirage shots and keep walking... so..let him draw fire and move another tesla in range and f. Take yr time to set it up.

If u all make that yr spy does its thing, u get to slayer a lot more units and a shogun and then u may build yr base so u can kill a building across all those units and defences. At points u get attacked. Wanna stay alive all game no matter how u suck? Build a dock in the big sea and get a mcv and copy build everything there. Ai not scripted for that. Or use chrono to get mcv there. Or whatever

3. Project Omega
Yeah, this one. Great, great map. Almost finished it once i think. It takes 5 patient ppl with some Yuri-talents to pull it off. Very hard map indeed. But great.

4. Technology Teft 1.5
Map of maps. RA3 on a different level. Albeit that most dont get it. This is what u call an evolved map. A concept which is rather finetuned. 4v2.. how to make it work? This map has the answer. It's about capturing a heavily guarded building.
Ill do some detail here.
Defenders are more or less free to choose whatever faction the feel like. And u can play as any faction anyways. And u should only defend if u know the map, and seen some ppl defending. And lost versus it wink.gif

As attacker, you dont have that freedom. You just get yr engineers out and get oil. Maybe even b4 a 2nd ref wink.gif
To start with the to be considered most important spot; bottom right. Navy spot. This dude is the ONLY one who can make navy. (duh) And he can only make 10 t3 ships. And that's all he should build. Nothing else, just get T3 ships asap, and get 10. then start doing other things.
Person on the top left has what is called the kirov spot. Player can build 18 kirov (other 6-8). Start with crane, move mcv to other refs, destroy buildings, get battlelab and 3 af and queu 3x6 kirov. Giving u 18 kirov at 5-6 minutes or so.. Map design more or less expects u to do so so that defenders are forced to mass produce AA asap. Not focusing on navy that much. Maybe kill all their oil. Oh, and those big guns u see? They dont work. Dont bother.
The other 2 sport have a more free role. But they should hurry their t3 and more important HELP THEIR NAVY!! Build WF in his base, get him drones and bulls, riptide, AF for migs appolo and whatever
Meanwhile, get an army. Kill the oil in sea asap.

If navy is up to t3 ships it need to destroy the big guns. The big guns kill everything. defenders can aim big guns. Big guns reach to bridges. Big guns need to go. Defenders can use engineers to repair big guns.

When the big guns are gone, navy kills all refs and land attacks can begin from 2 sides. Kill Academy. Kill Power.

If not too many ppl screw up u end up with 2 defenders sitting on 4 big guns on high ground with some 30 t3 units and (hopefully) a load of AA at timer mark 8 to 5 minutes or so. This more or less end game is the reason why there is no poison or freez or such. It was just to unfair to have 100 javelin, 50 athena, 30 mirages and 20 appolo killed by all those protocols 1 minute before game ended. (it's also 4 lines of protocols v 2 lines of protocols and the end game protocols are just too much for this map)

5. War Tore by v-Tokeren: 2v1AI Comp stomp map. Ai starts with vac and iron, so get empire or allied to let it have 4 sw. Just get sea domince and build all yr sea refs and start figuring out how to kill that defence. Ai will kill almost certainly everything you build at sea for first 8 minutes or so, get some defences, get subs. AI vac going every 6 minutes doesnt help...Get some 12 high value units close together over empty sea at vac time comes near, and make that the most valued place; no building close together.. wait for the vac and press x

Wow, thats way too much text. I think im getting why so few ppl play these maps nowadays wink.gif

(I have looked for a map section, couldnt find it, please feel fee to move to whatever seems fit)

I have not made any of these maps, all credits go to other people.

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# 2Alquest May 15 2018, 12:04 PM
Hopefully with the actual files this time...
Attached File TD.rar
Size: 1.02mb
Number of downloads: 8

Attached File BF.rar
Size: 1.21mb
Number of downloads: 9

Attached File 3v3.rar
Size: 3.27mb
Number of downloads: 8

Attached File Custom.rar
Size: 1.44mb
Number of downloads: 6

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# 3Sheriff AA May 16 2018, 04:52 AM
There were many other priceless custom maps that were pretty popular back in the day. I remember Tech Theft being one of them. Elven was a great custom map maker and had a handful of others that were great, but sadly seem to have been lost sad.gif

MCV Wars was a custom map I created back in 2010 that used to be pretty popular as well. Unfortunately it was on my old PC which died so unless any current players have it, it's lost for good sad.gif

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# 4Alquest May 16 2018, 07:33 AM
Elven did have great maps. Here are 3 more, tech teft included, so here are the 4 elven maps I have.

Bear in mind that all Elven maps are highly scripted and dont work with AI (as far as i remember).
infantry survival: scripted map for fun, i dont remember details
terrifying future: great map with some infantry battles which impact later building stage. Great map!
triology of tragedy: Elven most 'plain' 2v2v2 map. Dominate!
Tech teft : See above

Attached File Elven_maps.rar
Size: 1.72mb
Number of downloads: 8

I'm sorry to inform that I couldn't find MCV Wars. I should have it somewhere.. Could find this one:

Attached File mcv_survival_by_31773177_beta.rar
Size: 147k
Number of downloads: 9

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# 5proBloo May 16 2018, 23:34 PM
I miss the Elven Tech Theft Arena. Sadly I probably couldn't find enough people willing to learn and play it anymore. Anymore these days most people are just playing campaign...

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# 6Alquest May 17 2018, 19:48 PM
Art of Defence - 8 maps-

Attached File AOD.rar
Size: 1.42mb
Number of downloads: 10

AOD is the more dynamic variation of TD. Destroy waves of enemy, while u get outnumbered most of the time. Enemy attacks, follows path over yr base, shows up at bottom. Maps get expanded and AI starts building its base.
Except the first one, are all these maps for 4-5 players. Time is always an issue here. U have a few minutes (or 30 sec) to perform some actions, as capturing guns or so. Dont be a dick. Do not take all the oil for example.
AI difficulty is adaptable, and while easy and medium are sure ok for practise, brutal is the way to go ofc. If applicable, the required AI faction is indicated on the minimap.

1. 2p coop def by reefer: Too much work at the first few minutes to get yr base up, but.. once u have some aa, keep yr shogun alive with a repairbuilding or whatever. Keep using all those protocols. Find someone who like to puzzle. Rinse and repeat. Very difficult.

2. AOD Tropical Alert; 3. AOD Canal Breakdown v4; 4. AOD Tsunami Base
Scripted maps with special Ai programming. 4 ppl need to work together. Really. T3 is also mandatory and, if applicable, get yr SW asap! All base start on land, but t3 navy with support is mandatory. If bridges are present all 4 players need a production and defence. Even better, 2 players start with barracks, 2 players with power, so defences can be build asap.

5. Lunatic Moon; 6. Micro madness
Both very hard maps which require yr full arsenal of tricks, meaning all elite ifv with spies and engi, v4 forcefire barrage. Up your toes, esp first 15 minutes. U are also required to use different faction in yr team.

7. Ridley revenge; 8. Ridleys second coming
Two pretty unknown, over-the-top, great maps. Yr base gets destroyed so many times.. u need to have multple mcv around. As team, u need around 40 kirovs to clear first round.
Just make sure u kill every units on the map before u destroy AI last superweapon (ideally u keep nano as last SW) and move yr units to the middle of the map or they get destroyed (which is announced in-game but you'll be too busy). Rebuild yr base in middle, wipe out ai again, yr base in middle will crush from next wave, rebuild bottom (hence the various mcv's) and wipe out ai again. Or something in that order wink.gif
Oh, and that last Emporer unit.. nothing can harm that unit, except vac. So keep a drone or angel somewhere safe.
This is also a 1player compstomp map. For two reasons: The map does not not act on time, but on events like destroying all SW, and u can SAVE yr game. Great idea to do 20 sec b4 AI vac is ready. Groundhog Day.

No easy maps this time!

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# 7Alquest May 18 2018, 07:18 AM
Brainfreezz!! (9 maps)

Attached File BF2.rar
Size: 3.19mb
Number of downloads: 8

U get a very limited number of units and u need to kill everything. Key elements are working together, and to make all ur units elite, as they self heal then. Use d-move to lure enemy in ambush and use natas to shoot drivers to take vehicles. Always keep any AA alive, as u will need it. Getting t3 units is also required, and option for this comes mid-game. So keep natas alive and keep some infantry so u can get the athena's/v4.

Set brutal empire as AI, random boxes on. All 4-5 player map, no details as these are most pretty long games and pretty self-explanoratary, except Prison break. One does always play a map made by Joker. Most maps have a shortcut to victory by sniping the first tengu u see and landing it between the casino's wink.gif

Prison Break is a excellent, higly scripted and very hard 2 player game. Dont even bother to try brutal, just go easy. You both start with Yuri. Kill army below, and move up, turn left. Agree who to kill vindi1 and who vindi 2.(At hard, brutal u deal with 3 vindi's + cryo...) Use shinobi. DONT KILL TOWER! kill airfield, all harvesters and the barracks that pops up. Move a Yuri 2 buildings left of tower, and other yuri kill tower. Go back, go up, go right. Kill turrets with 2 yuri's, one getting shot and retreat, other to destroy. Heal. Free troops. Move back, go up. So called friends are spies. Kill 'm. Go up. Build infantry, Go to base. Do not kill the dormit tengu etc. They will be yrs. Do more stuff. Kill AI.

Special mention for huge fortress v4. No hero's whatsoever, so no easy v4 sniping or mass infantry kills. U have the absolut minimum of units needed. Most vehicles are on aggressive stance so they move. Use d.
The other essential for finishing this map are the hammer tanks. Do not leech untill u see the t3 tanks. Use mcv to draw fire, while leeching the mf. Heal if required. Get a hammer wave. Ofc they all elite at that stage and hammerwave/hammer athena is extremly powerfull. Also very easy to loose! Esp. when it starts moving to enemy to fire it's regular gun ;(
Also, AI has a stupid tendancy to use every protocol on that hammertank. Be aware.
Make all that and u all get to build a base with 4 refs or so. Count, and dont take more refs than yr share. Set up an expand on left bottom map, build power and stuff there. Get some AA and kill that huge fortress!

BF v16
BF v16 by superweapon
BF 21.8
Operation deathmedal by Joker
Huge fortress v4
Huge fortress v4 by madman
Operation Hungary v3
Path to hell, natas mod
Operation Prison Break

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# 8Alquest May 19 2018, 08:29 AM
More TD maps!

Attached File TD2.rar
Size: 2.5mb
Number of downloads: 7

Attached File TD_Grass.rar
Size: 1.69mb
Number of downloads: 7

Get empire as AI, Brutal ofc. And, play as sov. Sov is the TD faction.
First waves are ground, and later u face air. Build cranes and figure out how many cranes u can build while getting tesla all the time without going broke.

TD maps
Attached File TD2.rar
Size: 2.5mb
Number of downloads: 7

Concrete TD
Death Def by mad man
TD A new Hope (bug alert, map lags if u keep building tab open.. select a unit...)
TD Attack of the city by Just Hank
TD 1.0
TD Crossover by ndsindsi
TD 4.2 by Jackall
TD 4.2 by superblooper
TD 5.2 by superblooper

If the above maps are too easy, there are more difficult versions available. All made by Grasscompany: Expect Air to come sooner en more and more enemies.

Grasscompany maps:
Attached File TD_Grass.rar
Size: 1.69mb
Number of downloads: 7

Air TD 5.3
Concrete TD
TD 1.65
Smokecafe Final
TD 5.3 Hard mode
TD Attack of the city v2
TD 6.1
TD Xmen

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# 9Alquest May 20 2018, 04:49 AM
More custom maps.

Attached File Custom2.rar
Size: 7.54mb
Number of downloads: 7

Cannabis comp stomp 7.4: Big map for up to 4 players to kill enemy.
fortress comp stomp: Over the top. Get 1000 kirov to kill blink.gif .
hard choice: Nice, difficult scripted 2 player map.
Heidelberg comp stomp. Plain 2v4 AI comp stomp map.
hz-Defend the sea v7 by Grass; Scripted map
HZ_go down; sort of brainfreez map
mag_supercomp empire: 5v1 EMPIRE AI. Highly scripted AI on magma. Place AI in middle left, and make empire. Bug alert: All player must have map, otherwise host can NOT build. Just restart to solve wink.gif
mission cannibis 7.8, by Psylow; Big , big map filled with enemies to kill
Operation Ironshuffle 1.4 by 31773177; Great 4v2 map. Variation on tech teft, but different. AI is actually very well scripted for defence, so 4v2 ai is very nice match. Key to victory is asap kill on big guns (12 kirov, 25 angels, 12 bombers; build 6 AF so u can do 6x2) and then get yr T3 to elite so u can outrange every unit.
Psylow Comp stomp 5.4 Big , big map filled with enemies to kill
Sea Battle; Great 2v2AI navy map. Land and air units not available. U got to make it work with just navy.
Seadefenceby bbl 5v1AI. Sort of TD, but much more dynamic. All player must asstist middle player in first defence. U fight a shogun 30 sec in game ;( Build as much defence between the seabunkers (whut) as possible. Keeping the bunkers alive help u a great deal. Capture power asap and make sure u also build defences in at the corners of yr base, as enemy will appear there. Difficult map, high pace
The apocalypse 1.9. Great defence map. Really great. 4 player v scripted AI
z_normandy 2nue4 The best normandy version available. Great map, especially when 'defenders' do not use natas and the available af for a fast natas / chopper rush. Then again, expect some choppers to attack u in minute two or so, and all u need is some infantry to kill it. If u want to compstomp 4v2 try 4 brutal empire.

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# 10Alquest May 21 2018, 10:27 AM
3v3 maps!

A total of 23 big 3v3 of FFA maps.

Attached File 3v3.rar
Size: 15.55mb
Number of downloads: 7

These are all plain maps, which means in this case that it's regular gameplay. Only exception is Osterinsel high money, you guessed it, u get more money per ref/oil.

Special mention to:
Hostile dawn: One of the more popular compstomp (3v3AI) maps
Neptune Wars and soepriem Ocean are nice sea maps
Nunspeet and snow island by v. Tokeren are outstanding maps. Really beautifull. Great mapmaker.
taw_cornerstone is a really nice map, which can accomodate long matches.

Other maps incluse black fortress, mountfuji, san_francisco, the world, Tokyo Harbour and tour of egypt.

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# 11Alquest May 22 2018, 10:43 AM
And more...

Attached File More.rar
Size: 4.91mb
Number of downloads: 5

More or less.. what's left.. wink.gif Title's and minimap are pretty obvious, and all the info u would need is above.

7 island 1.06 - I have no idea. Must have not deleted it b4 for a reason.
BF 33_hard
BF z520mod 3
Death defence 3.2 -Difficult.
Death defence 2.8 -This one as well
Jungle Defence 5.0 -Way too easy as everything is allowed. But so much air to shoot! 3 player max! Or ai dont come. Great place for 2 noobs to have fun. It really is.
la_province d'iga -wonderfull name
BF UE_v1.3 - Made by ar-558. Should be enough. Very, very nice.
sv_city river - sv makes great maps
sv great wall of water defence - sv makes great maps
sv the revolution - sv makes great maps
The Apocalypse 2.02 - Great scripted map versus highy scripted AI.

And I think that would be it.

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