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Money prize showmatches

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# 1DuneTiger Sep 3 2021, 04:50 AM
Who would be interested in seeing some sponsored show matches?
I'm happy to raise some money to get some more epic KW series out into the world (and also revive this dead forum), and I encourage others to do the same. The first matchup I want to sponsor is Masterleaf vs Drive BO9.

I wanna take some inspiration from ZH and have the matchup rule. This means that for the first series I want to sponsor will be under these rules. For this I want masterleaf to pick the first matchup, and Drive will pick the 2nd matchup and continue in that pattern.

After game 1, the players will switch factions and position for game 2.

Eg If I had Steel Talons for the first game on the North spot of Tournament Dustbowl, and Charles got ZOCOM on the South spot, it would flip. In game 2, I would play ZOCOM in the south and Charles would be Talons in the north.

(Hopefully that is easy enough to understand)

Players = Masterleaf vs Drive
Best of 9
Matchups available

1. Marked of Kane vs Zocom on Tournament Odyssey
2. Traveler-59 vs Steel Talons on Small Town USA
3. GDI vs Zocom on Tiberium Rift
4. Traveler-59 vs Nod on Tournament Dustbowl (No Poker)
5. Scrin vs Reaper 17 on Tournament Decision (No Poker)
6. Marked of Kane vs Black Hand on Tournament Highlands
7. GDI vs Nod on Tournament Rift
8. Steel Talons vs Reaper 17 on Battlebase Beaverton
9. Scrin vs Black Hand on Tournament Arena

If it is 4-4 the deciding match will be a ZOCOM mirror on Tournament Crater.

I will DM the players and hopefully get a reply, I would also like a caster for the games (Charles, Bike, GZ, Sybert, myself... if anyone else interested DM me on discord) The time needs to be agreed on by the players and streamer.

$50 to the winner!

Good luck and Have Fun! smile.gif

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# 2DuneTiger Sep 3 2021, 13:55 PM
Leaf has said he is unavailable to play, anyone interested in taking his spot? (That can reasonably challenge Drive)

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# 3Drive Sep 5 2021, 00:42 AM
Bike stream first 4 games. CP didnt save them. But we saved all next that bike will cast soon

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# 4Whitey Sep 20 2021, 19:38 PM
Soon as you see bike in anything you just lose excitement about it as the outcome is inevitable.

Unless PRIME Leaf arrives.

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# 5alexcnc89 Sep 24 2021, 08:52 AM
QUOTE(Drive @ Sep 5 2021, 08:42 AM) *

Bike stream first 4 games. CP didnt save them. But we saved all next that bike will cast soon

where can i get those maps? It's not opening for me

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