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N9 vs FIRE: Ruling

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# 1Nuraun Jan 16 2012, 18:42 PM
After extensive internal deliberation we have arrived at a decision regarding the finals of the first Dota2Replays Brawl Qualifier #1 that happened on 15/01/2012 between FIRE and N9.

First and foremost, we have expanded our rules surrounding bugs to help prevent similar situations in the future. The most important element of this rule is that a pause must be made, and an official contacted immediately upon identifying a possible bug taking place. In practice, using the current scenario, N9 should have paused the game upon first recognizing a bug and informed an official that a potential bug has occurred.

If a bug is recognized during a game, players must immediately pause and contact a tournament admin. Upon investigation by tournament admin, depending on the severity of the bug, the admin will take necessary measures to secure fair play. This ranges from play continuing to remaking the game or even disqualification from current and future events.

If this were to take place, if the game were paused and an official was positively notified about the situation, our response would have been to inform FIRE that autocast is to be turned off to avoid the bug from occurring. Although it's obviously a disadvantage for the Puck player to be unable to utilize autocast, it would have been necessary to prevent the occurrence of a bug with the potential to influence teamfights and possibly the result of a match.

Since FIRE was not officially informed by a tournament official, it's unrealistic to punish them to the fullest extent by banning them from future qualifiers. However, upon extensive review and deliberation, it's been determined that the Puck bug did in fact have too great an effect in several confrontations that undeniably altered the expected result of said confrontations. Ignoring the entire subject of intentional or unintentional use, this simple fact alone prevents us from leaving the ruling as a win for FIRE.

And since, without the shadow of a doubt, with confirmation from Icefrog, a bug was occurring that aided the survivability of Puck, and this bug occurred multiple times and had at least a moderate impact in the game, our final ruling is this:

Because of the use of a potentially game altering bug, regardless of malicious intention, we've nullified the match and awarded the first slot in the Final Four to N9. Team FIRE is not banned from participating in future qualifiers and instead will be first seed in the next qualifier happening on the 22nd of January.

This ordeal was thoroughly unfortunate for every party and we apologize for our insufficient ruleset that failed to prevent such an occurrence. We are confident that bugs will not be an issue in the future and wish everyone good luck in future qualifiers.

In further tournament news, we'll be using the latest patch version for the next qualifier and puck is banned from tournament use since internal testing has revealed the bug is still present in the latest version of the game.

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