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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Need help with Men of the West mirror on Brutal

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# 1Oakenshield Aug 10 2022, 19:29 PM
I've managed to defeat every army on brutal when playing as Men of the West except for a Mirror match up.
I'm playing on Fords of Isen 2 with Handicap set to 0. Vanilla rules. Patch 1.09v2. I don't use any custom heroes either.

Dwarves was the hardest their strong units and even stronger heroes made it almost impossible however they ARE slower and the AIs inability to counter mass Archers had me winning eventually. *Also the Army of the Dead FTW.

But now, i cannot for the life of me defeat a mirror Men of the West. They have Archers, Cavalry, Siege and ALL the heroes! no matter what i try to do they simply overwhelm me. So I'm hoping some awesome player out there can help me defeat my nemesis.

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# 2Maru Feb 2 2023, 15:43 PM
Rush them with forward rax.

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