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New [BORG] joining clanwars.cc

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# 1StarTrekker Aug 31 2005, 14:59 PM
Information on Joining clanwars.cc for new [BORG]

• Go to http://www.clanwars.cc.

• Select Attached Image.

• Click on Attached Image.

• Click on Attached Image.

• Read the League Rules and League FAQ carefully. Assimilate the information. Make a copy of them if you can’t remember them. Study them. Follow all league rules. You can return to the league rules and league FAQ by visiting the support area on clanwars.cc after logging in. Failure to comply to the rules may not only result in you ejection from the collective, but from the league as well.

Create an account. Usernames have a maximum of 10 characters and has to match up with whatever you intend to use online. I signed up with Queen so that I can appear in ZH as [BORG]Queen. Whatever username you create at this step is used in your online clan name; if you sign up with Drone, you will be playing with [BORG]Drone or very similar. I strongly prefer that you adopt a BORG designation such as Hive, Alcove, 7of9, Nanoprobe or Unimatrix. In order to join the collective, I ask that you subscribe to one of these names (or another acceptable BORG designation), however if you have already a warrior account on clanwars.cc and want to retain that name, that’s fine too smile.gif. Your account name in gamereplays.org is irrelevant to this.

• A temporary password is sent to your email. Once you receive the email verification with your password you may login and begin to participate in the league. You login at the very top of the clanwars.cc page.

• I have to invite you when you have joined clanwars.cc, so tell me when you have got this far and what designation you have. Once you have been invited by me, you will receive a PM in clanwars.cc and all you have to do is reply/accept the invite and you are in the clan.

More Information: When playing clanwars, you earn points for your clan AND you also earn points individually. For example, if you win a 1 v 1 match, your clan gains points based on the rank of your clan and the rank of the opponent’s clan. You as the winning warrior will also gain points for your warrior ranking. Now if you loss a 1 v 1 match, your clan only loses points if your clan is ranked 10th or better. However, your warrior ranking will lose points whenever you lose a match.


Do Clan Tags have to be at the beginning of the name in ZH/Gamespy?
No. The tag can be at the end. Queen[BORG] is fine.

Can you still use the [AH] tag?
Yes. [AH][BORG]Queen is also fine.

Do you have to play with the exact same name as you registered on cw.cc?
Virtually. With a clanwars.cc name of Queen, I could use QueenBitch or Qu33n or something similar enough to recognise the name queen. I could not play as [AH]StarTrekker.

Do I have to check to make sure someone wearing a tag is really a clanner in cw.cc before playing them?
It’s a good idea! If you know the clan of course you don’t, but if you don’t recognise them, checking their validity is wise as you may not be playing a clan-war when you thought you were.

For more information, read the pinned items at http://www.gamereplays.org/community/Clan_...ssion-f206.html and also RatDog’s guide at http://www.gamereplays.org/community/Clan_Wars-t20554.html.

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# 2Remixer Feb 3 2010, 14:09 PM
Thread cleaned.

No Svunjar, BORG doesn't accept applications anymore.

Thread closed. smile.gif


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